August 30, 2010

1. The Move

It’s done, we’re settled. We’ve christened it with a few dinner parties. The only thing left to do is swim in the pool… it’s still a little chilly for that. When we get back from holidays the water should be around 20 degrees, which will be perfect.

Inside the house we’ve tried all three bedrooms and have settled on the smallest at the back of the house with it’s own little balcony overlooking the pool. It’s tiny, but nice and bright. We love it. The largest of the bedrooms has been converted into my office. It has sun all day with bifold doors that open out onto a huge terrace where my fruit trees are madly flowering as though it was mid-Spring!

The ‘guest’ room has plenty of space amongst all the shoes (Michelle) and handbags (me) for visitors. We’re hoping to have some friends visit anytime soon….

It’s all good, the only thing missing is time to enjoy it all. Don’t try and find us out this summer, we won’t be leaving Erskineville.

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August 19, 2010


What’s the point? What pleasure can these people get by filling up my comments with crap? 1 hour later and I think I’ve got it all. I was going to catch you up on the news but I’ve just spent what little time I had cleaning out the junk. Here’s a snapshot to keep you going before I get another chance to sit down and spell it out.

i) we moved, we’re unpacked and settled into most rooms
ii) I got a job
iii) we’re going on holiday
iv) Michelle gave me an iphone for my birthday!

I’ll be back soon, xx

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