December 26, 2009

and it rained

and it rained and it rained….

tropical weather up weather and the wet season has officially started. On christmas eve we were told this wasn’t rain, it was a few showers. On christmas day we were told it wouldn’t happen. Today, boxing day, it hasn’t stopped, it just comes down and down and down…

filles at 8:17 am

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December 24, 2009

Quebec en Australie

We’ve just returned from the weirdest night we’ve had for a long time… we were invited to a party on our street hosted by a quebecoise, for quebecers here in Sydney. About 30 people, eating Pâté chinois, Tourtières, Tartes au sirop d’érable and Pouding aux chômeurs in 30 degrees for christmas….

Weird. But fun.

Tomorrow morning taxi at 5.15am as we’re heading off to Queensland for a bit of seafood, sunshine, and family for christmas. Nothing out of the ordinary really since we’ve been coming back to Australia for christmas for years, only this time, it’s home.

Have a great christmas, we wish you all the best for 2010 and for those of you in cold countries, we’ll be thinking of you while we’re on the beach, maybe you’d like to come visit sometime?

filles at 12:12 am

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December 15, 2009

christmas gift

Big changes going on at Michelle’s work. A HUGE re-organisation…. we’re not sure how it will affect us yet, only time will tell. Big corporations always have such perfect timing. Always.

Merry christmas and all that…

filles at 5:05 pm

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December 8, 2009


Gmail is down. Unheard of…. how do we live without access to email? In other news, it’s now my back that’s f%$£(*. I woke up yesterday with a sore lower back, today I could barely get out of bed.. Scary stuff.

filles at 7:16 am

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December 2, 2009


There is an arts and crafts market on here this weekend, the Finders Keepers markets. Then Saturday is our usual farmers markets, followed on Sunday by the monthly art market, 1st Sunday of the month….

It’s going to be a busy one.

Sunday morning we’re off to the fish markets early, followed by a quick look at the art market – and if we have time maybe a swim at Bondi. Sunday lunch we have a birthday party for Monica out at in the suburbs – it’s her 19th, then we come home and host a dinner party for Leannes birthday here.

Saturday I plan to do nothing. Nothing at all. Just sit in the sun in the backyard and read the papers. Maybe.

filles at 1:50 pm

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