June 30, 2009


Thank god for McDonalds and their free internet policy. I just wish I could walk into the golden arches without buying the fries….

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June 29, 2009


We live in a village. A village with 4 pubs, a fish n’chips shop, pharmacy, newsagent, deli, video store, 2 thai restaurants and 5 cafes. You couldn’t really ask for more. We’re about 5kms from circular quay, 100m from the train station and the bus to Bondi, 250m from Newtown and we’re slowly working our way down the ‘wines by the glass’ list at our local – so far so good.

We spent Saturday night at the local, the ‘Rose of Australia’ watching Australia thrash France in Rugby Union. There were 2 french guys in the crowd who were not shy, booing the aussies, and applauding the French – throwing in an ‘allez les bleues’ every so often, but to no avail. They left with their heads hanging low and we retired to the restaurant in the back and had a great meal. All in all, a perfect Saturday night for our first night in our new home.

This week we’ve mixing some regular life stuff into our normal ‘relocating mode’ and we’re off to a discussion group in Bondi tomorrow night with an author who wrote about an Australian woman who married someone high up in Al Quaeda. I’ll tell you more when I know more. It’s nice to do something other than furniture/appliance shop. IKEA is IKEA is IKEA doesn’t matter where in the world you are….

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June 23, 2009

The house

We’ve got the keys. We’ve bought an entire range of cleaning products. And we’re off….

The house needs a very good clean and quite a bit of work before it looks like we’ll want to live in it for 3 years. It’s amazing the things you don’t see in a quick 5 minute viewing of a house. We didn’t notice the dodgy properties next door, we didn’t notice the noisy neighbours, we didn’t notice the street, we didn’t notice the cabinets, the fixtures – in fact we didn’t notice much at all. It’s light and bright though… which counts for a lot.

I’m back cleaning today, and I have to buy a fridge, and set up home contents insurance. We have rental furniture arriving Thursday and our air shipment gets here Friday, and we move in on Saturday – and then we have a 2 years old birthday party in Newcastle on Sunday.

I’d love to have some news from the sunny side of the world. Whenever you’re ready…

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June 17, 2009

some good and bad news

Bad news is that my grandmother had a stroke today…
Good news is that I’m only an hour and a half away by plane. I’m going up to visit her in Queensland tomorrow. Michelle will join me Friday night after she signs the lease. Our little growing/settling in pains will have to be put on hold over the weekend.

Apart from that, all is good.

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June 14, 2009

Heeellllloooo Jo!

I know it’s been ages and I’m sorry. We’re here and we’re getting settled. It’s been hectic and depressing and wonderful, and cold and sunny and hot and busy and amazing, and expensive and cheap and tiring and eye-opening and entertaining and fun and all the other adjectives you can think of.

It’s been a little over 2 weeks since we arrived. I’ve visited about 65 houses/apartments/slums in 6 days which was a nightmare, we applied for 3 houses (paddington, erskineville, erskineville) and 1 apartment (bondi beach) and I had a little melt-down at the application process. How do you fill in an application that wants to measure your worth by where you’ve lived, how much you’ve paid in rent and your job history over the last 6 years, when you haven’t worked or been paid, or paid rent??? Anyway… i’m over it. Seems expats are a cherished commodity here (at least foreign working ones are!). We decided to apply in Michelle’s name only and we were accepted on all 4.

Bondi despite being a fantastic location, 2 mins walk to the beach, we said no to because it was an apartment and we’re ready for a house. Had a few doubts since, but it’s done, and probably a good decision. Paddington is extremely expensive, $150 (80 euros) a week more than our budget… but the kitchen was fantastic, location superb, and enormous 3 bedroom house. We said no, based on the price. And the two in Erskineville, I preferred one and Michelle preferred the other and we took the first one that accepted us. Michelle’s preference.

I’m happy with it, (except for maybe the 70’s sliding doors and the crappy kitchen appliances) but it’s light and bright and huge with an outside courtyard, parking and walking distance to the train station, the cinema and Newtown with all it’s cafes, bars and restaurants. It’s not close to the beach, but it’s only $90 (50 euros) more than our budget so I may not have to work full-time(!) Which means for you, I’ll have time to spend with you when you come and visit and stay in our spare room!!!

The hunt for a fridge, and bookshelves and rental furniture (until ours arrives in a month or so) are my tasks this week.

It’s been fun, the weather is lovely, mostly sunny and 19 during the day, not bad for winter. We’ve made some new friends already and caught up with some old ones so we’re settling in. Slowly.

I’ll try and make this a regular thing… updates, until then, you can email us….

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