April 7, 2009

the guests

Louise has been and gone, a fleeting visit to get a quick feel of our life here in Paris. She was the perfect guest, I hardly even knew she was here. She arrived all organised, maps printed, sights she wanted to see highlighted – all I had to do was pick the restaurants each evening. You might not imagine it, but it was a tough call. Truly. So much choice.

We did a changeover on Saturday, I went to the airport to meet a friend from Sydney, and Michelle left an hour later to deposit Louise for her flight home.

Michelle is no longer considered a resident, she spends so much time in planes, trains and automobiles throughout Europe that I catch sight of her once in awhile when she dumps her dirty shirts and does a quick iron of the clean ones.

Two ships passing in the night.

A small amendment
I have been gently reminded that Louise has not been our only perfect guest. The small nudge I received by email jogged my memory and I have to admit we have had other perfect guests over the years. You know who you are… those of you who bring wine and flowers and champagne and poptarts and ugly things from the têtes à claques (amongst other things). And we do want you to come visit us in Australia. We really do.

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