December 15, 2008


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December 14, 2008


I’m not very ‘up’ on French stars, I’ve been known to have been sitting next to one once in a while, not even realising it, example Virginie Ledoyen…. but the other night, we were dining at Wepler in the Place de Clichy and we were seated right next to my favorite French actor of all time, Daniel Auteuil. He was smaller than I imagined, and looked very tired – although still very handsome, but it was a treat nonetheless and most importantly I recognised him immediately – I didn’t have to be told!!!

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December 12, 2008


The film. We were invited last night to a special advanced screening of the Baz Luhrmann film by the Advance Organisation here in Paris. I’d say there were a few hundred aussies, along with guests, mostly french (1 quebecer) who turned up to a great independant movie cinema in the 18th to see the epic that’s going to be released here in Paris on December 24th.

I have to tell you I loved the film. I’ll admit that being amongst an audience full of expats is probably the best way to see the film, ideally placed to appreciate all the stereotypical anecdotes and the tongue in cheek humour, not to mention Kitsch (with a capital K) that is markedly Luhrmann. The audience laughed and chanted as Hugh Jackman played up the hunky bod scenes, and they even got the fact that Nicole ditziness was part of the character (although I’m not sure the french people in front of us did… I think they just thought she was acting badly). The clichés abound, and they were well balanced with humour. Hughs’ body is magnificent, the Australian country scenery has a starring role, and the digital imagery even though noticable had remarkable light, mirroring the fantastic light I miss so much from Australia. Part spoof, part epic, I can see the thread of Australia right through the film.

A documentary it definitely is not, but part Priscilla and part Moulin Rouge it definitely is. I felt right at home.

p.s. I’ve just realised Hugh Jackman is my age and went to Knox Grammar. I used to know lots of guys from Knox, how come I never met him when I was in highschool??

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December 11, 2008

The IT Crowd

Ever seen this British TV comedy? Where the occupants of a tall high rise office building are at the mercy of 3 losers who work for IT out of the basement?

They answer the phone with “IT, have you tried the turning the power off and on?

That’s exactly what happened with us. A little more complicated, because we’re in France, but essentially the same. We wait for the Technical Dept of Darty to get back to us. They told us to find the fuse box that correlates to the stove top. Turn it off. They tell us to wait and they’ll call back in 15 minutes, goodbye. They called back, 25 minutes later, asked us to turn the fuse back on. And voila! It works.

High tech or what….

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December 10, 2008


You know when you’re trying to get ready to go away? Stuff is everywhere. You have lists all over the place. All the things you should have done over the last 6 months are poking their tongues out at you singing nahnah na nah na. And then, something else goes wrong that becomes the icing on the cake. I had my icing today. Our new stovetop (remember the problems we had at the end of September?) decided to pack it in. Just like that.

No warning. I boiled a kettle for hot water, I put my pot on the stove with a little oil in the bottom to sear and brown the beef for a slow roasted thai curry that I’ve been looking forward to all week. And wham. The logic of the LED just started going nuts and now it’s dead. And because we live in France where the customer service is reknown for being non-existant we are only at the start of this caper, we have a call in to Darty and then who knows what hoops we’ll have to jump through to get this sorted before we leave.

So, pizza for dinner (again!)….

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December 9, 2008


It’s snowing… honest to god snowing, huge flacons, they melt before they hit the ground but they look like paper cut-outs of snowflakes they’re so big. I’m going to have to stay inside now… there goes the shopping list, the post office and the bank. I’ll put another episode of ‘Medium’ on the DVD and wait. The juxtoposition is I’ve been looking at holiday rental houses for next summer, you know, Provence, sunshine, swimming pool, big group of friends spending a week living outside amongst the lavender….

I don’t want to wish my life away, but August seems so far away.

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December 8, 2008

she’s down…

Michelle was looking after my best interest. Sunday morning, 9am, we got up to do 40 minutes of Davinia exercises on a DVD before hitting Lavinia for the 15% off sale on wine & liquor(!). We finished the warm up, Michelle bent down to pick up her weights and bam, she shrieks, she’s bent over in a not very comfortable looking position, and continues to moan, and scream, and cry. She’s stuck. Her back gave out, in the same place as last summer, only tenfold, she can’t move. I stuff cushions under her for support and call SOS Médecins on 3624….

1 hour later the doctor arrives, sticks a needle in her ass, tells her she’s off work for a week, writes a doctors note and sends me out to the pharmacy to stock up on codeine, valium and a few other concoctions of pills (the french love prescribing pills). We manage to move her to the bed around 1pm administer the portable pharmacy and I race off to meet Di & Greg at Lavinia.

The rest of the afternoon Michelle slept, drugged up on her cocktail, in a fixed position flat on the bed. We fought about the ‘going to work’ debate, apparently she absolutely positively has to be there everyday between now and when we leave for Korea, but I won with the arguement saying that until she can make it to the toilet and back, not to mention into the shower and down our 3 flights of stairs there’s not much hope of that happening… she’s been reasonably quiet here at home today, but she’s still insisting on going to work tomorrow… we’ll see, by then I might be tired of making tea, administering pills and catering to her every whim.

In fact, I think I might help her down the stairs….

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December 4, 2008


A reference guide to apartments to rent here in Paris, short term. See if there is something that suits you here, have fun…

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