October 30, 2008

1 point vs 3

I picked up my new goggles today… Michelle and I each chose a pair last weekend, she’s got b_______ because she’s getting old, and mine are regular. Hers will take 10 days, because they’re b_______ and mine are regular so therefore faster to make and they are in fact already finished and picked up and being worn.

I joke, but the truth is although she’s older than me in years, she’s got more energy, less wrinkles, and is in better health than me.

But still, I don’t have to wear b_______. Yet.


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October 29, 2008

Credit in France

I’ve been explaining this consistently since moving here. I’m not sure why it comes up but it does, and now here is a much better attempt at explaining the french mentality than I ever came close to – and in these times, it’s relevant too! Credit, French vs American style.

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An apple a day…

I went apple picking with Di & her family on Sunday after IKEA. I thought I was being reasonable, a small bag… we’re going to have to eat 3 apples a day to make sure we get through them all! I’ve already started distributing them around our friends in the street… I’ll be called the ‘apple lady’ if I don’t stop soon, and if I do stop and eat them all myself I’ll be called the ‘apple lady’ because I’ll start to look like one.

The upside? An apple, or three, a day really does keep the doctor away…

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October 21, 2008


I’ve been promising Michel I will put these pictures of Bilbao up since February, and these others from Madrid and Toulon photos for Stefan, and for Mad & Dave, Jo & Dirk here are our christmas 2007 & Amsterdam photos. Keep watching the column on the left for more.

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October 20, 2008

Can you believe this?

I was having lunch with JD here in the apartment last Friday, cooking leftovers. We were talking about all sorts of things, nothing really, just talking sometimes over the top of each other, and at one point it was about friends coming over here from Quebec…

So, his best friend since he was 5 years old was coming to Paris on Saturday for a week. He was saying how it was the worst week possible because his brother was also here, added to that his work schedule and his hockey schedule and it didn’t leave much time to spend with her. The best night for him to see her was Sunday but she was unavailable because she was here with her mum & her sister and her mother had already made plans with some friends of hers for dinner on Sunday night. Bummer.

I was talking about our friend, and Michelle’s collegue who was coming over from Montreal and was going to be having dinner with us on Sunday night.

He mentioned that his friend was supposed to be staying in a hotel in the 8th which would have suited him better than being here in Chatelet where they had to change to for some reason. I said isn’t that funny, that’s where our friend is staying. I also mentioned she was coming with her 2 daughters.

We looked at each other and said…. “no, can’t be”

We called Michelle and asked if she knew the name of Rita’s daughters… she didn’t. JD called his friend, and I called ours.

and guess what…

We spent Sunday night all together JD & his girlfriend, his brother, our friend her two daughters (one of which is JD’s best friend), Michelle and I.

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October 16, 2008


sorry sorry sorry…
We had some friends here in Paris from Australia last week who rented the apartment downstairs from us, and then some more friends from Montreal who came to stay with us, so I’ve been busy busy busy….

Not much new. I’ve been spending days trying to book something for our November holidays. There are 2 public holidays at the beginning of November, the 1st and the 11th, coupled with the “ponts” and the RTT’s and the vacation policy of Thales it means we can have 12 days off for not much vacation time. But after checking all sorts of options including a train from Istanbul to Iran, a driving trip through Portugal, a gourmet holiday in Bologna & Modena Italy, Israel, Club Med and another visit to the south of France – we’ve decided to cancel it all and save our pennies for our trip to Seoul and Australia at christmas. It seems money doesn’t grow on trees after all, and frequent flyer points don’t go very far when you have to pay the tax portions in £’s sterling.

So despite loosing about 3 full days in front of the computer, I’m quite relieved. We might catch a couple of movies, a couple of exhibitions, maybe use our 1 night away Table d’hotes package we received for our birthday, but essentially not much at all…
Things are back to normal as of today. I’ve been recipe hunting to feed 6 tomorrow night for a late dinner after the Motor Show. Michelle loves the “car show”, she’s going with Claire & her beau while I drink champagne with Anne & Olivier waiting for Michelle and Co. to arrive before their deadline of 22h30. We start eating then…. dinner after that seems ridiculous even to me, especially after last weekend when we ate dinner at half past midnight after a hockey game in Garge la Gonesse.

Anyway, we were invited to the thai tonight with Michel our neighbour to catch up. It was fabulous as usual, and nice to catch up with Michel before he’s off again to NY for business. We were each talking of our plans to leave the quartier, him with his new apartment project and us with our new apartment hunting. I think we finally agreed that it will be sad to leave the neighbourhood, but exciting all the same. Time for a change… I’ve got my fingers crossed we can move to the 18th, and still be neighbours but we’ll see..

The week ahead we have more visitors from Montreal which will be fun. Rita is always a laugh and I can’t wait to see Christine here in Paris, so more fun expected.

Have a good weekend and happy birthday Mad. In fact I’m late on all my birthdays – happy birthday Maddie in Newcastle, I know I’m late but I was thinking of you on the day, truly, and happy birthday Maddie in Sydney, less late, but still thinking of you. I wish you both all the best for a fabulous year and we hope to see you both over christmas sometime in or near Maleny??

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October 3, 2008


It’s been a long week. Our induction stove-top gave up on us last Sunday…. only one side works, and on that side the two hobs both work – just not at the same time. Which effectively leaves us with 1 hob to cook with. Thankfully it’s been cold and 1 pot casseroles or oven baked dishes have become the norm.

I’ve spent the week measuring and quoting replacements, crawling about in awkward places, trying to look knowledgable in front of bored salesmen who think they know more than me just because they’re men. And I’ve just about had enough. At the beginning of the week we had some fight in us. We were going to fight and negotiate who was responsible, who was paying for the replacement and the installation blah blah blah. In France everything is a fight…. anyway, today is Friday, I bought the stove top, I carried it home on foot (dragging it most of the way), I waited for the handyman, I watched him install it, make a mess in my kitchen, then I paid him and he left. There’s no fight left in me, we didn’t even tell the landlord… the thought of arguing about who was responsible was just too much. We’d be lucky to resolve it before christmas and as much as I love stews, 3 months of them is just too long.

Anyway, it’s in. I’m just taking a break from the vacuuming of particleboard which has somehow spread through the whole house to recount this tale. Things are definitely looking up.

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