June 19, 2008


We’re coming back for a short visit. Very short. Montreal, chalet, Montreal. Call us or write if you want to get in touch…

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June 15, 2008

That 70’s show

It’s been confusing me for some time now… the ad for ‘That 70s show’ on Comedie announces in a very strong french accent:
“That 70s show, pour les fans des années sixties”

I know I shouldn’t be watching tv on Sunday afternoon, but hey….

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Pyrénées vs Lille

Michelle left on Friday night to go walking in the Pyrénées for 3 days. She took the overnight train from Gare d’Austerlitz on Friday night, they walked for 12 hours yesterday, slept in a dormitory (albeit it looks ok), she has to squeeze her feet back in her boots today for another 12 hours, and then again tomorrow when she’ll go to the highest altitude she’s ever been before, which she is really excited about. Then Monday night after all this walking she takes a bus back to Paris, sleeps sitting up and then goes directly to work Tuesday morning.

I spent the day in Lille yesterday, travelled first class on the TGV, visited a photo festival in some beautiful buildings, had a pretty ordinary lunch in a restaurant that is publicising Ch’ti meals everywhere, and then was invited for a roast leg of NZ lamb, champagne and a bottle of Cotes du Rhone at my aussie friends flat here in Paris. Was home tucked in bed by 1am.

I think I win.

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June 10, 2008


A useless, nevertheless interesting fact:

Fact Number 1: In 2007, Paris was the backdrop for 765 films, totaling 3,558 days, or some 10 films per day, in 4,600 different sites.

Fact Number 2: We booked christmas in Australia.

Just reading this makes you smarter….

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June 9, 2008


I’m back. Significantly heavier, loads of experience of good food and wine in the Luberon. Ask me to recommend a restaurant – and I’m there, a bit slower on my feet, more weight to carry around but hey, I went to the gym today – that has to count for something…

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