April 22, 2008


The weather is lovely, spring at last. I’m rushing about like a mad woman getting ready for our holidays, managed to fit in a pedicure by Mathilde this morning and a fab lunch at Afaria… we’re going to see Weddings Parties Anything one of my favorite Aussie bands from the past are playing for Anzac day in London, it’s Gabe’s birthday on Sunday then we’ll have our fingers crossed for lots of sunshine and hot hot hot weather in Malta & Gozo. It’s been a long time since I’ve been looking forward to a holiday so much. The year is flying by, I’ve been keeping busy with my classes, Michelle’s busy at work and it’s May next week, that’s 2 years already in Paris. Bad news yesterday, our lease will not be renewed, that’s a definite decision. We’ll have to decide what’s next, keep working our way towards Australia, back to Montreal, or camping in Paris for another year….

Father’s Day – Weddings Parties Anything

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April 20, 2008


No excuses, I’ve been busy, but heres the update from the last week here in Paris: we went to the cinema to see ‘la graine et le mulet‘, wandered around the shops, tried a local couscous restaurant (obligatory after this movie!), had an early night, walked through the the left bank, visited a ‘marche d’art contemporain’ at Montparnasse, had lunch at a cool little cafe in the heart of literary Paris, caught the last day of the Saul Leiter exhibition, travelled out to the champagne countryside to visit the receptions rooms where our friend is having her wedding this July, drinks at Vintage, morning at the gym, coffee with a friend, did a language exchange at the Hungarian institute, frequented the Experimental Cocktail Club on the rue St Saveur, celebrated a birthday at our favorite Thai restaurant – Villa Papillon, went to the WOAC coffee morning with a visiting history professor – who specialises in European womens history, went to the Marie Antoinette exhibition at the Grand Palais, prepared my photos, coffee with a friend, dinner at home, went to the hairdresser, hosted apperitifs & champagne, celebrated Thai New Year with a crazy night at Villa Papillon, went to a show at a local nightclub, danced to loads of 80’s music, woke up late, did the local food market, lebanese lunch, from ‘A Priori Thé’ the best cheesecake ever, ham & cheese on toast, a bit of ironing & that’s us. You’re up-to-date….

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April 9, 2008


I went to see Actrices today finally. It’s been on my list since probably December but I’ve just never made it, until now, when it’s left all the screens save one, Wednesday mornings at 11h25. We were 4 in the cinema. It’s starts in Italian and I thought I’d made a huge mistake. Italian film with French subtitles? No… thank goodness, a few minutes of that and I couldn’t see anything, black screen, white type, my contact lenses were straining past their limit, but it eased into French and I got lost in the story. It was good, funny, moving, scary. Valeria Bruni Tedeschi is one of my favorite french actrices, and if that isn’t enough, Louis Garrel is also in the film. He’s gorgeous and talented, and this last week, I’ve been listening to him sing on the soundtrack of Les Chansons d’amour. Bliss.

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April 7, 2008

Tunisian Butterflies

Did I tell you we went to a birthday party a week or so ago? It was Nikita’s 5th birthday, we weren’t invited but we wanted to go anyway – and truthfully, Nikita did invite us personally a few weeks before, obviously it was her parents that had other ideas!! The idea of gatecrashing a 5 years old party held some sort of allure, we managed to convince some other friends of ours to join us, along with their 5 year old son, and we turned up – all five of us, with a bottle of champagne and lots of cheer. Credit to our hosts, they let us in, fed us, watered us and all in exchange for allowing Georgia to paint a butterfly on Michele’s face…. I haven’t had so much fun in a long time.

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April 4, 2008

bon w-e


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April 3, 2008

Titre de Sejour

I’m officially renewed. I lost two months, the renewal is for 10 months, but in the words of the desk clerk “quand même, c’est juste une carte de sejour visiteur!”. I could have thumped her. On the up side, the sun is out, the kitchen is full of light, the windows are thrown open and it’s springtime at last!

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April 2, 2008

Cherries and Bumper Cars


I have so much to do around here. But so little motivation. I’m behind on my photos, I’ve got 700 odd emails to wade through (if you’ve been waiting patiently for some news, it’s coming…), I have hotels and flights to book, packages to get ready and I’m pretty much doing none of it. I have however been training fairly regularly at the gym over the last 2 months, I feel better for it, but I’ve gained weight which is not supposed to happen – maybe I just eat more because I do more exercise?? and I’ve managed to cherry pick some of my French lessons – so I’ve gone back to the Art, Geography and History lessons which I love.

I know I need the grammar, but hey… you have to do something you love right?

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April 1, 2008

and we laughed..

Paris fait sa comedie and we were there. Well not always literally there, but in spirit anyway… it was a long week. Friends from Montreal were here doing a show, catching up, introducing us to other friends, meeting us in bars and restaurants, keeping us busy, keeping us fed and watered, and generally tiring us out. Sunday night I was in bed by 9pm and I didn’t wake up till 9am Monday morning. It was a long week. On the plus side, I met Michel Courtemanche, Martin Petit, and Charly Pop amongst others, and we caught up with Max who we haven’t seen since last spring. And, I laughed a lot.

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