March 26, 2008


REM were on the Live Lounge today and did a cover of this Editors song, it was a great cover, but I still think the original is the best. I wonder if I’ll miss France as much as I miss the UK. For different things I suspect…

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March 25, 2008



We spent most of our easter weekend in the champagne region with a bunch of good friends. The big task was to pick the “do” for Anne for her upcoming wedding this summer. We were 5 girls, along with another half dozen or so in the salon, picking and choosing and suggesting and debating. We made no final decision, but it was a lot of fun. Michelle brought her book…

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March 17, 2008

japonaise a la francaise

We had a sake degustation on Saturday. It was unplanned and fantastic. There is this really great Japanese food, plant and liquor store in the 2nd arrondisement called ISSE, halfway between us and Madeleine (where we were heading to buy Michelle some new ‘walking’ trousers). We finally found the milky coloured sake that you drink cold that we’ve been looking for since we tasted it in Vegas. So Saturday, we tried 5 different sakes, and they truly all taste quite different, one rice based dessert wine, and two Japanese whisky’s. They have lovely bonsai’s, all sorts of weird and wonderful vegetables and ingredients and they also give out business cards for their recommended Japanese restaurants in the neighbourhood AND they give cooking classes.

I can’t concentrate, Radio 1 is on in the background and Chris Moyles has his whining voice on giving grief to one of his team…
hang on, let me turn it off.

Yesterday Michelle headed off on her first walk with the Thales Walking Club. 23kms in the rain, and mud, no hills, just flat – sounded very tempting! I, on the other hand, met a friend and headed off to the Flea Market at Porte de Vanves. Much smaller than the official Marche aux Puces at Clignancourt, but also much cheaper and a lot more funky. It was great fun, I didn’t buy much (just some tiny sake glasses to go with the bottle we bought Saturday) but I’ve got a record in my head and big plans to return the week after next…

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March 16, 2008

Easter = Chocolate

I love this… courtesy of Matthew Rose


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March 12, 2008

Christian Lacroix, Histoires de Mode

I finally got to the exhibition but was a little disappointed… the clothes were over the top as expected, some of the garments were amazing, but it was the visitors that ruined the day for me. We must have made it on pensioners day – there were loads of groups of pensioners ssshhhh’ing us throughout the entire exhibition. It was annoying and very rude and it ruined the ambience of the entire exhibition. Nevermind, lunch and the company made up for it.

In the evening, Michelle & I both had an appointment with the ophtamologist for an examination of the retina at the back of the eye. We had drops we had to use an hour or so before the appointment that dilate the pupil, by the time we were ready to go we could barely see anything clearly and lights were flashing & brilliant as we headed up the Blvd Sebastapol on the rainy evening. We got there, he numbed the eyeball (eugh!), carried out his exam (eugh! again), and we were on our way – seeing less and less as we headed home. Since we could barely see anything far, and nothing close up, we stopped at the Thai for dinner. We know the menu off by heart so ordering was no worry, it was just the worrying looks we got from the other diners with our eyes completely dilated and pupils completely black.

But not to worry – two middle aged women having dinner together at the local Thai would never be mistaken for ecstasy poppers!

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March 10, 2008

Only in France

The First Lady does a nude photoshoot for GQ April….


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March 6, 2008

Louise Bourgeois

Last night I went along to the opening of the Louise Bourgeois exhibition at the Georges Pompidou Centre. Every once in awhile I get an invitation to these things, I managed to get on a list somewhere and it’s fun to take advantage of it. Louise Bourgeois is the same artist who did the “maman” series of spiders – you may have seen one outside the Gallery in Toronto or the Tate Modern, or more recently outside the Guggenheim in Bilbao. Huge sculptures of spiders. Really great.

Anyway, the rest of her sculptures have never really turned me on but I went along taking Valerie with me. It was a retrospective kind of exhibition, more than 200 works, paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures from 1938 to 2007 (she’s 96 years old) – and I have to admit I loved more pieces than I disliked – especially her early paintings, and of course another “maman” who was installed on the ground floor of the Pompidou centre – creeping out most people on their way in.

Michelle is back tonight, she’s been in Stuttgart and London this week while I’ve been having coffee with friends, taking a few pictures, trolling the book stores and newsagents for one (or ten!) magazines, eating out and generally enjoying myself… Tonight I had to do a flyby clean of the apartment as she’s getting back earlier than expected, not enough time to make that carrot and ginger soup as promised – we’ll have to go out!

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March 3, 2008

the Best of Bilbao

We’re back. Had a great weekend in Bilbao. The Guggenheim was fantastic, we spent 8 hours in there on Friday visiting the exhibition Art in the U.S.A.: Three Hundred Years of Innovation– which was brilliant and Surreal Things – which was very interesting. We left to do some exercise, use the Hammam in the hotel and then we returned for a lovely ‘degustation’ menu at the posh restaurant inside the gallery that evening.

Pretty much everything else in Bilbao paled after such a fabulous day…

The hotel was good. The Phillipe Starck designed bathtubs were brilliant. Long enough and deep enough to float in – I don’t think I’ve ever been so clean. The buffet breakfasts on the top floor were fab, and the view of the Guggenheim was superb – but the wine in the cocktail bar at apperitif hour was just so-so and the receptionist downstairs that kept getting everything wrong didn’t bode well for the hotels 5 star status.

I wouldn’t have changed a thing though. It was a great weekend, in a great city, with great company. Hopefully we’ll do it again soon in either Lisbon or Valencia.

Me, Michelle & Michel – our day at the Guggenheim
The 3 of us at the Guggenheim

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