January 29, 2008

Some more pics

About time you’ll say… Jordan

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Great weekend in Madrid. We almost didn’t get there, Michelle was running late(!), but we did, and then we almost didn’t make it home we forgot our passports at the hotel(!), but thankfully after a mad dash back to town in a cab, and then return trip to the airport, we did. A couple of amateur travellers really….

We managed all three museums we had on our list, although I have to say by the time we got to the Prado we were pretty well art’ed out. My favorite in Madrid, or maybe even of anywhere, was the Thyssen. Such an amazing and complete collection we spent hours in there on our first day so we were nice and fresh and less tired than by the end of the trip when we got to the Prado. The Reina Sofia was also fabulous although the big reason to go apart from the Dali’s and Miro’s is Picasso’s Guernica, and unluckily for us it was not on view Saturday due to preparation for something to do with the French (of course!). Bummer! The Museo del Prado was as majestic as ever, we visited a temporary exhibition of Velazquez, worked our way through most of the Goya’s and by then with aching feet, and numb senses we retired to the cafeteria before heading to yet another tapas bar for some melt in the mouth Iberian ham and Rioja.

Other than that, we enjoyed our hip hotel, found some great wine & tapas bars (a couple of which we frequented several times), took advantage of the balmy sunny conditions and the 19 degree temperature by eating outside as often as possible, did a little Spanish designer shopping, and walked miles and miles and miles. Considering we were 8 people travelling together, it was extremely well planned and executed, what you would call a very successful weekend break.

I thought a lot about our trip this time last year with Roger to Seville, and as much as Madrid is a very hip and happening Spanish city, and one of Michelle’s favorites, I have to admit I prefer the smallness and intimacy of Seville and Cordoba…

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January 24, 2008

Today’s Question:

We’re going to visit the Museo Prado, the Museo de Arte Thyssen and the Reina Sofia in between eating croquettas jamon and gambas a la plancha… where are we going tomorrow?


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January 23, 2008

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This song is on high rotation on Radio 1 at the moment, it grows on you. I love it. Not so sure about the clip though….

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Paris en couleurs

Yesterday I managed to get to the latest free exhibition at the Hotel de Ville with Di. There were some fabulous prints and films and the most monumental thought we both walked away with was “Paris really hasn’t changed much in the last 75 years!”

Expo « Paris en couleurs » à l?Hôtel de Ville
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Radio – the new technology

We bought an internet radio last weekend. Ever since we’ve been listening to, waking up to and enjoying Triple J, Radio One, Radio Canada, ABC Brisbane and Radio Nova (with an additional 9000 odd stations to discover) via our speakers, all hours of the night and day. One of the best investments we’ve made in a really long time. I love it. To get an idea of the variety, you can check out the Reciva site (which is the technology our radio uses). It took 10 minutes to set up, yes even here in France using Orange(!)…

The Tangent Quattro wifi radio. FANTASTIC.

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January 19, 2008

The year of the Photo

So it’s settled. I’m in. I passed my intereview and I’m now one of the lucky few to follow a 12 month photography course focusing on me. My style, my motivation and my developement needs. I’m now printing ALL of my photos for Day 1: Analysis. It’s going to be another busy year.

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January 17, 2008

Rainy Glasgow- Rainy Paris

The nicest weather we’ve had over the last 6 days was in Dundee. Sunny & clear, we celebrated with a lovely lunch at the Arts Centre followed by a trip to Tesco (the voting was unanimous, an exhibition VS a run around Tesco). We picked up all our multi-vitamins for less than 1/10 of the price in Paris, more magazines than I could carry and a replacement grandfather shirt so that Michelle could chuck out the old daggy one I wear about the house. We had a lovely time with Mad & Dave, and even Lillian seemed to forget that she used to start screaming every time she looked at me in The Hague, we held our own smiling competitions and I’m not sure who won to be honest. She’s so good, and so sweet, and the next time we’ll see her she’ll be surfing on Newcastle beach with all the boys! You’d better watch her Dave.

A couple of hours through the rain on the road to Glasgow, and we were back. I had forgotten how wet it was in Glasgow. Rain, rain and more rain. Lots of curry, lots of shopping, I worked my way through all the stores systematically. Up one street, down the other, my arms were full, my feet were sore, and I drank more coffee in 3 days than I usually drink in a week – catching up with friends one after another. It was nice. All the pubs were still there, same with all the charity shops. We’re switching allegiance from Mother India to The Wee Curry Shop on Byres Rd because our favorite waiter Mac has moved. It’s owned by the same people, but the chef is young and rightly fantastic and has a whole new interesting menu that changes when the mood takes him, which is always good, and Mac is now the manager as well as the best waiter in Glasgow. Apart from that, nothing much has changed.

And now we’re home and wouldn’t you believe it, it’s raining here too! And contrary to popular belief (Ian!) we’re home for 9 nights in a row in our lovely little space which I’m quite looking forward to. Next trip is 3 nights in Madrid to celebrate Claires birthday… now how could we say no to that? It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Madrid, last time I was there I was 21 years old – so we have a little catching up to do….

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January 11, 2008


Glasgow. Dundee. Mad & Dave & Lil’. Curry. Beer. Pubs. TK Maxx. Biblocafe. Byres Rd. Julie & Eleanor & Lou. Mother India. Curry. Beer. Waterstones. St Vinny’s. Beer. David. Photos. Roots & Fruits. Curry. Kelvingrove Art Gallery. Glasgow.

Tomorrow. Yippee!

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January 7, 2008

January blues

Back to school today….. ugh!

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