September 30, 2007

Pic’s to come

We’re back safely, sick but safe. Looks like we might have inadvertently consumed too much cotton oil, we’ve both got very delicate tummy’s at the moment, but the trip was great, Uzbekistan was magic.

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September 13, 2007

From Cézanne to Picasso

I had my first grammar class today and it was painful. Very very painful. I’m not going to like this one bit, but I’ve paid my fees now, so for the next 5 months there I’ll be, sitting down trying to soak it all in, studying hard and hopefully it will all go in.

Afterwards I had a lovely day. I met up with Di at the Musee D’Orsay to see the exhibition Cezanne to Picasso which was brilliant. We have completely different taste in art, but what I liked, she didn’t and vice a versa so it wasn’t all bad. The sun was out, we had a coffee in the Tuilleries, stopped by the English bookstore, met another Australian woman who is just about ready to move to Tunisia with her husband after 10 years here in Paris (we’ll see her again I think), then I stopped for a beer with JD on a terrace and here I am, ready to start dinner.

Another day gone by in Paris…

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September 12, 2007

Master List

I’m working my way through my “to do” list.

  • Reserve seats to Australia at christmas just in case we decide to go. Check.
  • Reserve hotel in Brussels in case ‘Australia plan’ falls through for christmas. Check
  • Finalise itinerary for Jordan in November. Check.
  • Book train seats home from Boulogne sur Mer for October. Check
  • Measure space in bedroom for a carpet just in case we buy one in Uzbekistan(!). Check.
  • After that, there are a million and one other ‘dull chores’ to be done, slotted in between trips to the museum to see Picasso to Cezanne, my french classes, cleaning the house, blah blah blah, all before we leave next week for our holiday…

    Michelle’s been working hard trying to finish her workload before we leave. Anticipating what might be needed for the budgeting week, preparing it, presenting it, then changing it – numerous times already this week. It’s the busiest time of year for her team, she’s doing 15 hour days, then coming home to collapse before getting up and doing it all over again the next day.

    She’ll probably sleep in the bus all the way around Uzbekistan.

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    parlez vous francais?

    My french lessons start today… a bit alternative (of course)! We mix French civilisation, with French geography, with French culture and the not-so-nice grammar. I’m in the ‘faux debutants’ for grammar and the advanced class for conversation.

    Go Figure!

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    September 11, 2007

    Seyne sur Mer

    We had a fantastic weekend away. The sun was out ALL weekend. The water was refreshing, magazines were on tap (French, but still on tap), conversation was good, food brilliant and the company was excellent. Now we just have to keep working on Olivier to organise another weekend in the not-too-distant future to do it all again.

    Olivier’s parents built a house near Toulon for their retirement. It’s big and it’s beautiful and it’s empty until they retire…. perfect for weekends away, or even weeks away come to think of it.


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    September 7, 2007

    Lichtenstein & others

    I’ve been meaning to write, truly. It was a busy weekend, my ‘Meet the French’ boulangerie experience with Di & her two kids was fantastic on Friday morning (and nope Jo, no Marrons, only baguettes, croissants and chocolate coated candied orange peel instead) dinner out on Friday night, dinner in with guests on Saturday night, an exhibition & lunch out on Sunday, then our regular Thai Sunday night, followed by, wait for it…. dancing! Yes. Not only Michelle, but me too! Dancing. Yep. We went with our favorite waitress from the Thai restaurant, two doors down, to a new bar/club called “Pin Up” to celebrate I’m not sure what. I couldn’t really follow, but the place was lovely, and the DJ loves Thai food too (he was eating at the restaurant before work) – and he had the nicest looking watch on, but that’s another story….

    Sunday day we finally made it to the Roy Lichtenstein exhibition at the newly re-opened Pinacotheque at Madeleine. The exhibition was great, it wasn’t exactly what Michelle expected, nor was it what I expected, but at least for me I was pleasantly surprised!!

    Next stop is Toulon for us. We’re about 14 friends all travelling down together for a pool party. It’s 27 degrees and full sun which is about as much as we can hope for considering I was back in my jeans and a winter sweater today here in Paris. Here we come, SUNSHINE!

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