July 30, 2007


I haven’t done much writing, I’ve been doing much hair-pulling trying to work out how to save these posts, how to back them up, how to keep them. It’s driving me crazy. Other than that, not much else. We went away for a night to Mereville for Valerie’s birthday, back on Saturday when we did a quick tour of the Musee du Vin in the 16th which was very ordinary, then aperitifs which turned into dinner at our aussie friends house on the left bank which was far from ordinary, very nice in fact.

Yesterday it was raining again, we did the mad rush for groceries typical for a Sunday, then spent the rest of the afternoon trying different wines with JD – for him it was work, tasting new wines that he must sell, for us it was just fun! In exchange we came up with a list of must have CD’s for him to get when he’s in Quebec later this week. Dinner at the Grille Montorgueil, then bed.

Another weekend bites the dust.

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July 24, 2007

Trip Report

The world is really upside down. Bush fires in Italy, floods in the UK, and still rainy, cloudy, cool weather here in Paris. We’re back from a lovely week in Praiano where we rented a villa with some friends and hung about on the beaches, in the sunshine, ate well, and some of us(!) did some hillwalking in the 35 degrees heat, before coming home via Naples to our pre-spring weather here in Paris with our little tiny suntans….

Pictures here….

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July 13, 2007

pizza and pasta and pizza and pasta

Michelle’s cousin has been here this week, visiting in Paris. It’s been wet, cold and rainy… She left today and the sun came out and we had our first real day of summer, 31 degrees in the shade. Lovely. Off to Italy tomorrow for our summer holidays. We rented a villa in Praiano on a cliff overlooking the sea. It’s been busy around here. Jorge’s coming for a quick breakfast tomorrow, he arrives from Mexico about an hour before we leave to the airport, so it will be a quick coffee, croissant and “what have you been up to?” type conversation, before we head for sun, sea, good wine and loads of pasta… can’t wait!

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July 6, 2007

Part III

The sun came out this afternoon, people are out on the street, laughing and drinking and we’re off to try a new Spanish tapas restaurant that I’ve been walking past for the last 2 weeks on my way to the gym. Nothing new here, saw Pirates of the Caribbean III today which was just ok. It had to be done, can’t see I and II and then not III…

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July 4, 2007

Films & Chansons

I went to see a french film today. My choice. All by myself, no coercion necessary. Chansons d’amour is a film set in Paris, in fact not far from here, near the (infamous) Passage Brady (see my post below). While we were in Colmars one afternoon I was alone in the hotel, mum, Pete & Michelle had gone off to watch a classical music concert and I was afraid I would fall asleep in the middle of it so I stayed behind for a nap and switched on Canal Plus which was hosting a red carpet kind of thing at the Cannes Film Festival. The cast of Chansons d’amour were up being interviewed and it was there and then I decided I would like to go see the film when it was released.

I loved the film. I didn’t understand every word, but then I don’t think I needed to, I understood the sentiments, I could read the expressions and I got most of the parole and the singing was so understated it worked brilliantly.

Every time I venture out of my comfort zone and watch a french film in it’s original version I always feel rewarded. The French have a style so dissimilar to the American and even Australian films, the actresses and actors are all beautiful, not in the flashy or predictable Hollywood style but a natural, light within type of beauty that shows them warts and all. You see real people, they play real characters, real scenarios, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It made me walk tall as I left the American style theatre complex into the sunshine and grittiness of our Les Halles neighbourhood.

It’s in moments like these that I love Paris.

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July 3, 2007

life in the 1st

With all the publicity in Glasgow this week, Michelle snuck back there today with 25 other purchasing professionals. A big day of meetings, followed by a big night at Glengoyne distillery for a tour, a tasting and a meal. We should see her back here tomorrow night (with or without a few bottles of whisky) at Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie after I get back from the Louvre with Dave’s mum. We’ve been hanging out a bit, meeting for meals, sharing what we know about Paris – while she’s been sharing every detail of the new addition to the Perry family… Lillian Jane, born on the 30th June.

With any luck we’ll get to meet Lillian ourselves in Dundee in the not too distant future.

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July 1, 2007

Paris sales vs Cairo

It’s the summer sales on here in Paris, July 27th – August 5th. I went along on Day 1 with Milene (who was visiting us from London) and Tania & her daughter Sasha (who were visiting us from Montreal) and 2 million other locals and tourists alike. We wove our way from our flat in the 1st to the big department stores in the 9th arrondisements, stopping at a dozen little boutiques along the way, a pair of shoes here, a teddy’s bear picnic tea set there, some sexy jeans just because and some antique jewellery that was absolutely and undeniably original and fantastic, and that was just the first day! Since then both alone, and accompanied by Michelle we’ve trudged the same ground, looked at the same bags, the same shorts, the same pillows, the same shoes and we’ve been very very vigilant. Nothing other than absolute necessities are considered…

It was a lovely visit last week with the girls. Sadly Michelle was off working hard (visiting pyramids and sitting through light and sound shows) in Cairo so she missed the entire visit and the chance to meet one of the best 2 years old’s I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet. Sasha was my dream child. So well behaved, so well spoken, so good and so beautiful, it was a pleasure having her and her mum come to visit. And Milene? It was great… so cool to have her here in Paris, we normally get to see our godson and his adorable sister when we see Milene, but this time we forgive her, mum was free and having a ball!

Michelle lucked out this time. I’m expecting a postcard to add to my very sad postcard collection. (hint, hint…)

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