June 25, 2007

National Portrait Gallery

On my last day in London, mum and I went to see the 2007 BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery. Billed as the most prestigious portrait competition in the world, promoting the very best in contemporary portrait painting – it was a brilliant showing. There were about 60 paintings with four finalists having been chosen and although I didn’t agree with them all, my favorite was definitely amongst them. A quick dash in the rain and we found a huge Chinese restaurant for one of our favorites – a dim sum lunch. The food was good, the service was shocking and it seems that no one ever does the trolley thing anymore… I wonder if they still have them in Sydney??

Then it was goodbye. Kisses before I stepped onto the Eurostar, Pete dashing from Liverpool St – and I was heading home for a thai on the terrace of our favorite local.

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June 24, 2007


Some more, before I forget…
– Bon Fete de la St Jean!
– if you are in Paris on July 7th and you want to “trouver le tresor” with us -let us know. We were thinking of registering in the 3rd arrondisement, but if you have an alternative preference, no problem;
– if you’re coming to Paris this ‘Greeting‘ service is brilliant – get free advice on anything you want to know about Paris…

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Saturday at home

Back in discovery mode, yesterday we went along to the Dalida exhibition at the Hotel de Ville. Michelle’s a big fan after hearing Mado Lamotte sing “Gigi L’amoroso” at a Mauritian restaurant on the rue Duluth many moons ago. The exhibition was well thought out, there were personal effects, video clips of her songs and also of her films, a collection of dresses and numerous Karaoke booths where fans (like Michelle!) could sing-along to all her well known tunes with a microphone. They judged the crowd well, everyone wanted a turn to sing-along, most of whom were atrocious!

We wandered home via the Marais, stopping for falafel on the rue des Rosiers and at a Craftsman fair where we found paintings and bags and teas and lamps and a whole range of beautiful things that had we more space in our apartment they would have been hard to walk away from….

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June 23, 2007

Columbia Rd Flower Markets

a family effort…. my mum, Gabriel, Jonathon, Michelle, Moselle & Milene

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June 22, 2007


It’s 08h45 and I’m up. Not surprising you think? Think again. The morning after the Fete de la Musique is always quieter than any other, we were still wandering about listening to bands playing on every corner of our quartier, dancing “rock n’ roll” (yes even me!) in the streets at 2am this morning.

But this morning, at 8am to be precise, a dozen jack-hammers started jack-hammering away on our street installing the fixtures for ‘VELIB‘ the new bike system starting up in Paris this month. Bikes can be taken from any fixture and returned to any other fixture at any time, free for the user for the first 30 minutes of use. Brilliant idea. Brilliant plan. Just not so good this morning….

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June 21, 2007

Day 1. The plan.

I’m just going to jump back in here, I’ll eventually catch up on the last 6 weeks but if I don’t start writing I’ll burst. I am now a proud (but sore) member of the Club Med Gym here in Paris. I was taken through an initial program today that had me stagger home, stopping at the cinema halfway just to take a rest. The gym was fine. Very very busy at 10am in the morning which is supposedly one of the quietest times, but fine. Full of gay men sitting on machines watching each other (and themselves), with a few older men and women working out – and me, the only overweight person in there. Surprisingly I didn’t find it particularly intimidating. I guess that proves I’m ready to just do it, although the test for that will be tomorrow morning if I try and come up with an excuse not to go or not….

The film I saw was Shrek 3 which I thought was a little disappointing. It wasn’t top of my list, but it just happened to be on as I made my stagger down into the depths of Les Halles for a rest on my way home. With all the brilliant films on at the moment, and those that have been playing for the last 6 weeks it was a bit of a shame it wasn’t so good, but there you go. 1 down, many more to look forward to. In Glasgow I used to make it a treat to go to the cinema after the gym. The detour added an additional 45 minutes to my walk home so it was a well thought out diversion, but here I almost walk right by which is a bargain in itself, I’m going to try and work it into the complex if/what/then patterns that I have in my head when it comes to exercising…

Tonight is the Fete de la Musique here in Paris. Music on every street, free concerts, free public transport – generally one of the noisiest nights we’ve experienced and lucky for us, this year, on the corner of our street and the rue Montorgueil there is a country/folk/pop band playing from 7pm ’till around 2am. Oh joy! Michelle has a dinner she’s going to around the corner with her secret AGATHA(!) association and I’m having dinner with Valerie for the first time in months we’re all meeting here for aperitifs with some other friends before heading off to different restaurants and presumably meeting again on a street corner later tonight for some tunes.

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June 12, 2007

Kulcha (with a capital K)

I know it’s been very quiet on here…. we’ve been getting our share of culture, in and out of museums, exhibitions and generally keeping busy. I know I’m only up to Colmar in my writing, but we’ve since spent some time in the south of Italy, Morocco and we’re off to Giverny tomorrow and London in a few days. I’ll catch up. Eventually. I just need another week or so before I can start.

We’ve been having loads of fun…

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