October 26, 2006

Super Sydney

Arrived safely in Sydney yesterday after 1042 km’s, a good egg,bacon & cheese muffin, a terrible pizza, and a very uncomfortable bed. I don’t miss Sydney until I get here, and I see and remember how wonderful it is. So much to do and so little time….

I’ve joined the local library for internet access, but I’m competing with asian school-kids at peak time, so I’ll have to leave you now. Michelle arrives Sunday and I’m pretty busy before then so I’ll sign off for a couple of days and hope to fill you in on our roadtrip as it happens.

p.s. Happy Birthday Marie!

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October 23, 2006

Fish & Chips

…. my last day in Maleny for a week or so. I’m heading down to Sydney, via the inland road to see my grandmother. She’s 91 and still living alone in the same house she’s lived in for the last 60 years. She wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s going to be hectic, visits to make, fund-raisers to attend, a 20 year school reunion(!) and then all my nanna’s favorite things she likes to do, like having fish & chips at Watsons Bay, lunch at the Rower’s Club and fish & chips at the fish markets, lunch at the Burwood RSL – can you see the theme?

Michelle is flying in on Sunday night, and I’ll bet she’ll be fish n’chipped out by Tuesday!

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October 20, 2006

Friday quiz-day

If it wasn’t for all this flying about the globe I’ve had to do lately, we would score quite well on this ecological footprint quiz…..

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October 19, 2006

persuasion required

We had a tough last 24 hours or so. The whole visa thing getting us down. The indecision and inertia going on right now is enough to crack even the toughest cynic, even if that cynic is sitting in near idyllic surroundings on the other side of the world…. I can only imagine how bad it must be for Michelle to have to continue going to work for this lot who are doing nothing. She has to put on a brave face, and remain professional in her dealings. I know I couldn’t do it.

But enough. We’ll get the visa eventually, inshallah, and until then life goes on.

In the meantime, today I priced houses here to rent, and wages for waitresses – we could live quite happily I think up in the hills here, borrow mums car whenever we wanted to hit the beach(!)… it could be done.

Anyway can I ask you all a favour? Think positive thoughts for us. We want that visa. Soon. (And if anyone knows anyone working in French immigration, drop me a line at elissa(dot)michelle(at)gmail(dot)com you’ll be rewarded in this life or the next!!!)

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October 17, 2006


Back into the rhythm. We went to the gym this morning, followed it up with a coffee at Monica’s. I would have been happy going directly for coffee, but there you go, that’s a mothers influence for you. It’s back to grey weather, but thankfully for the locals it’s also raining which should help fill the water tanks in an otherwise dry state.

Next today we’re going into Montville to check out the Art Gallery. I found the most amazing Christopher McLeod painting there last week that I’d love to buy for our kitchen in Paris. I’m trying to negotiate a better price frameless so I can get it back on the plane without too much trouble…. and with any luck will stop for lunch somewhere nice before having to go back down to the coast to pick up the car. We put it in for a service yesterday, thinking that there might be something going on with the brakes – lucky for us we did before our big 15 hour drive to Sydney next week – cause it turns out we almost have no breaks, and a major rehaul had to be done.

So there you have it. Life in the tropics for another day…

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October 16, 2006

the Pool stories…

I had no idea it’s been so long since I’ve written. Doesn’t feel like it, it’s not that I can remember doing loads of things. I had my friend Maddy who’s living in Melbourne up here for 4 days which was fun – and true enough we were pretty busy then….

We visited Eumundi Markets early one morning, did the Montville tour another day, then a day on the coast with fish n’chips on the beach in Caloundra, an afternoon shopping in a huge shopping mall in Maroochydore, lots of coffee stops, a couple of restaurants (nothing memorable that’s for sure!) as well as the inevitable work at the B&B – a couple of dinners last week, mum cooked, I waitressed – and well now that I think of it, I guess it was fairly busy. The weather was just so-so, it came good again on Saturday and yesterday after my ‘housemaiding’ gig was finished, we went down for dinner on the beach which was lovely, and all over by 6.30pm!

Early nights, and early mornings have been very refreshing. I love waking up with the birds and the sun…

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October 7, 2006

le funky chaise

It’s a bit hazy here this morning and my thoughts are far away. Our new funky chair is being delivered today in Paris – and I’m going to miss it. Before we left Glasgow we were asked if we wanted to sell our collection of chairs and matching carpet, and although we hadn’t planned to – we thought ‘why not?’. The deal was made.

Fast forward to Paris, where we dashed about on arrival trying to find a couch to have made before August when the whole of France disappeared on their holidays and shut-down their shops and factories . We decided upon a leather 3 seater and armchair, made in Italy, which was delivered in time for Mario & Julie’s visit (the big deadline) and another single seat which we lovingly worked on with a very cool lady from a very cool shop just beside the eiffel tower. This very cool chair, with hours of love and attention spent on choosing fabrics & fillings is what is being delivered today in Paris… it’s got stripes, and chintz, and taffetta, wood and velour – in hot pinks and oranges and olives.

…and Camille, who helped me by sharing her fabric designer contacts, her personal time and her impecable taste will be going around to our flat tonight to check it out with a glass of champagne in her hand!

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October 6, 2006

Honeywell? I don’t think so…

Alrighty… not much news.

Went to visit my cousin Simon and his family last night for dinner in Noosa. He moved up here last year into MY dream house… It’s beautiful. Secluded, with a water hole, swimming pool, big loungy comfy outdoor furniture, enormous balcony, BBQ, plus the usual trees, birds, bugs and great smelling plants & flowers. Oh and he has 3 gorgeous girls, although they don’t come with the house….

Today it’s a big day. I had to take mum back to the B&B to cook breakfasts, then since I had the morning off from my housemaid responsibilities I went into Maleny to try a new coffee shop that has my favorite Illy Coffee and sourdough toast with vegemite for breakfast. I think this is the one. Great coffee. Great toast. Chances are this will be my regular.

The rest of the morning has been spent catching up on my chores here, filling the bar fridge with VB (Victoria Bitter – it’s a beer!), cleaning the pool – it’s now crystal clear, organising an aussie SIM card with VirginMobile, and I’ve just finished a beetroot & salad sandwich for lunch. This afternoon I’ll be thinking about the menu for dinner while I read the papers in the sun trying to not get too sunburnt.

Perhaps sausages on the BBQ with a caesar salad? Ooohhh this is fun….

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October 3, 2006

Country Life

It’s 8.15am and I’ve already been to the gym, out for coffee, and finished all the newspapers. How’s that for a vacation! The sun rises here around 5 something ‘ish, and the birds start singing (very loudly) soon after. Today I’ve got the day off from my ‘housemaid’ job at the nearby B&B, instead I’ve agreed to help with the 3 course meals for the next 2 nights for some high flouting guests…

It’s all go-go-go here in Maleny.

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