September 30, 2006

Beautiful one day, perfect for next

That used to be the campaign for Queensland back in the late ’80’s – and so far, since arriving it describes my time here perfectly. It was a bit tough yesterday, mum was dragging me about town, the fishmongers, the grocery, showing me the cafe for sale (hint! hint!), calling in at the B&B they’re minding for the next 6 weeks – all in an effort to keep me awake. I lasted ’till about 7pm last night, before I fell down into a deep sleep for 12 hours catching up on the night I missed while on the hideously long flight from London to Brisbane.

Today after breakfast on the balcony this morning, and a quick tour on what/how/when instructions for the house, mum & pete have left for The Eyriewhich they’re minding for the next 6 weeks or so while the owners are away on a tour of Sth America (lucky things!). I don’t think it’s as simple as running your own B&B where you work using you’re own logic and routines, they have a list of instructions to follow guiding them on how June & Peter operate in an attempt to ensure that the same standard and feel is maintained in their absence. I’m not sure I could do it. I’ve been house sitting and visiting for the last month and I have an unstopable urge to modify layouts and organise cupboards (and the rest) to meet my needs….

So while they are back in ‘B&B’ mode after several years, I’m going to re-arrange the furniture in the granny flat downstairs where I’m staying (see! can’t help myself) then put on my swimmers and clean the pool ready for an afternoon of reading and relaxing in the sunshine.

It’s beautiful here. I hope I can organise to upload some pictures for you over the next few days so you can see what I’m on about. The birds are all singing, the air is perfumed with spring flowers, the water fountain is trickling away and nature is just outside the door, or as often as not, it’s also inside…. I just had to scare a magpie away who had flown in the front door to eat the cat’s lunch!

N.B. I’ve changed the weather pixie to reflect the weather in Brisbane…

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September 26, 2006


While Michelle is here working in Glasgow today I’m heading down to London. We’re having dinner with Gabriel & Milene somewhere nice I’m sure and trying out a new hotel near Paddington before our new adventure begins…

I’ll be in-communicado for a couple of days.
N.B. Nancy if you’re reading give Michelle a call on her cell, we don’t know how to reach you

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September 22, 2006

here comes the sun…

It’s my last weekend in Glasgow. Once again Michelle is coming over and we’ll travel to London together before I’ll take my flight home to Australia to wait out my exile. Couldn’t be a nicer place to be exiled…. it’s coming into summer, swimming pool in the backyard, beach not too far away, access to a car, possibility of a job, and my wonderful family right there beside me! Yipee!

The only downside is it’s a little far for Michelle to come to visit on the weekends….

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September 20, 2006

Springtime in Australia

Jo & Dirk are back, sounds like they had a fantastic trip, lots of good food, good shopping and a great break away. Bit jealous really, their pictures looked lovely – with the beaches and the Asian food, I’d be there in a second, away from this Glasgow gloom!

One advantage of cold wet miserable weather is it’s perfect for movie going. Saw Volver today. Penelope Cruz was brilliant in it. I’ll have to pick another film for tomorrow since the weather forecast doesn’t seem to be changing much.

Decision time coming up. Do I stay or do I go? Chances are I’m going to go. Australia, next week, here I come…..

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September 18, 2006

It’s raining again…

We had a nice weekend here in Glasgow. Michelle is back in ‘gay Paris’, I’m still here. We took a quick spin by the French Embassy in Edinburgh on Friday to see if they had any news but sadly, no. There was no news, but not all was lost, we did discover that the lady in Edinburgh was not as mean as everyone else made her out to be. She has no control over my file, and yes, she also finds it a bit strange that we haven’t heard anything yet, and she assures us that we will be the first to know when my file comes back from France. So. There we are. No further ahead, but no further behind.

The weekend in Glasgow included at trip to FOPP (for Michelles CD habit), dinner at Mother India – for the best Pakistani food outside of Pakistan, an introduction to Isla for Michelle (and a brief reunion with her proud parents Barry & Michelle), catchup with the girls at the Rug Rooms, brunch at Stravaigin, an impromptu meeting in Offshore, a few handfuls of new old books from Biblocafe, a cheap clothing fest for Michelle at Primark & TK Maxx, a pint at the Granary – and then the perfect Glasgow Saturday night with a ‘carry out’ from the local Chinese in front of the telly! Brunch at the Observatory before the train ride back to Edinburgh yesterday afternoon ended our weekend until the next time…

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September 13, 2006

Only in Glasgow

Seen on the bus this afternoon:
“Spitting on the driver is an offence. All our drivers now carry DNA spit tests on their person. You will be prosecuted!”

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September 11, 2006


I’m back in Glasgow.
I arrived yesterday afternoon, Michelle and Barry drove me up here from Leeds where I spent Friday night visiting with them and their new baby Isla. It was a funny feeling coming back. It was nice. Sad & nice at the same time. I kept expecting things to have changed. It’s only been 3 months but it feels like a lot longer. I spoke to Michelle on the phone last night and told her how wonderful it was to be back and how I had been wondering why we even left in the first place, but she reminded me how nice Paris is too. How amazing it was to be living in Paris. How lucky we were. It made sense.

Underneath all the bad, underneath all the mistrust and resentment I feel at the moment for the French and their infuriating beaurocracy, I can recognise that she’s right. One day soon, hopefully, things will work out and I’ll be able to return to Paris. Home.

If you didn’t already know, I’m not sure if you do, I’m on a forced exile from France & Europe in general. My residency application is still to be approved so in the meantime, I only have the right to spend 3 out of 6 months in France (or any other European country) other than a few eastern European states, Switzerland and the UK. That’s why I’m wandering around the UK, visiting, seething, bitching. Things are looking up though. I’m back in Glasgow and I have some wonderful friends who although they are off travelling in Asia have left me their keys and invited me to make myself at home in their flat in their absence.

It’s such a relief. Although I’ve been spoilt by friends opening their homes, opening their lives and welcoming me in, nothing compares to having your own space, being free to do or not do whatever it is you want or should do. If that makes any sense….

So. There you go. The apartment is on the southside of Glasgow, an area that I don’t know very well, so I’m just about to head out to do some discovering, that is, after I take that long bath I’ve been dreaming about…

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September 7, 2006

Hoxton Square

If we ever move to London. I want to live around this square
I spent the day there today, wandering about the area, drinking coffee, reading a book, sitting in the park, eating Thai food. A lovely, lovely day. Started in Hampstead with coffee & croissant (could’ve been Paris) and finished in Hampstead with a glass of Rose…

Tommorow, it’s back to school followed by the vet for Libby (Milenes new flat coated retriever puppy), then hopefully more of east end London.

Bonne nuit.

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