July 28, 2006

another bottle of champagne please!

Feeling a little bit tender today. It was Valerie’s birthday yesterday and we celebrated at the cafe au Soleil de la Butte in Montmarte. Crevettes, confit canard, rosé, champagne, mojitos – not in that order, but all in copious quantities.

Finished with a café & croissant in Pigalle at 5am this morning….

I’m off to have a quick nap before the Aussies arrive and we have to start all over again. I’ve started to liken our move to Paris to being permanently on vacation! It’s lots of fun, but it’s got to end sometime, hasn’t it?

Have a good weekend.

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July 25, 2006

at long last

We’re still here. Just. More furniture arrived on the weekend, we’re almost finished. I promise to write, soon as I can.

Stephanie arrives tomorrow from Montreal, Maddie & Dave arrive Friday, Mario & Julie the following Sunday, and Julie & Lorna the Saturday after that…

There’s a little bit of doubling up for sure, but we’ll all squeeze in.

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July 20, 2006

I’m surprised…

Not a single mention of the sandles and jupe(I promised I wouldn’t mention the word sk*rt)

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Did you know it was World Jump Day today? The reasoning behind the exercise was an attempt to drive planet Earth into a new orbit by letting millions of people jump for World Jump Day on 20th July at 11:39:13 GMT. Apparantly (!) scientific research has proven that this change of planetary positioning would very likely stop global warming, extend daytime hours and create a more homogeneous climate. Now we just have to await the results!

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July 17, 2006

Fete Nationale

Michelle & ValerieLast weekend was a long weekend here in France for the Fete National. We had big plans for Friday, to go and watch the parade on the Champs d’Elysee see the military fly over and generally get out and about and see what it was all about… Sadly, we spent the whole day in the hooouse getting a new window fitted in the bedroom. The wall was rotten so instead of taking an hour or so as expected there were 3 guys here from 10am ’till 5pm making a mess of the apartment, cursing their rotten luck and covering everything with a thick layer of dust. Special. When they finally left, yes we had a brand new double-glazed window that now closes, we spent the next 3 hours of so trying to get rid of the dust, before heading out for a fantastic meal at Au Vieux Moliére (after a recommendation from our neighbour Michel). It was so good, and we ate so well that by the time the fireworks started, we just managed to hear them but we couldn’t drag ourselves away, we stumbled home to bed exhausted.

Saturday we were heading off to the bio markets in the 8th. The first mistake was to take the route via rue St Honore, and the second was to stop at every shop along the way… Surprisingly(!) we didn’t make the markets, but we did pick up some lovely things, all of which were on sale, before we had to dash home, have lunch and get ready to go see the Alvin Ailey American Dance Company who were performing outside at the National Archives in the Marais. It was fantastic. Stinky hot, dripping sweat (and that was just us sitting in the audience) but unreal. At the end they had a question and answer session with the dancers and both Michelle and I came out of there saying “we have to go back to the gym!”. The black male dancers were amazing…

Yesterday the streets were deserted. We decided to take a nice leisurely walk up to the Sacre Coeur. There was no-one about, just us. We stopped for brunch and a citron pressé along the way, stuck our head in a couple of open shops along the rue des Martyrs before hitting the 18th district and amazingly a billion tourists who obviously had the same idea as us. We walked up to the top by the church and then back down the other side to the rue Muller, and the Cafe au Soleil de la Butte. This was my local cafe when I lived in Paris in 1989 and the owner still treats me like a long lost daughter. We sat outside on the terrace with Ahmed, drinking Rose and chatting about life, Paris, and the universe whiling away the afternoon.

Valerie joined us for a light late lunch then we headed back up to the Sacre Coeur for a wander around the small backstreets of Montmarte where we found a small plaque announcing we’d found Dalida’s last residence. It’s really very beautiful in Montmarte. One minute you can be surrounded by thousands of tourists in the Place du Tertre and the next just one corner away you find yourself alone, in a quite street surrounded by trees and beautiful old houses.

We wandered back to the 1st arrondisement while the sun set and had dinner outside on a terrace at a local Thai restaurant.

The weekend wasn’t exactly as planned, just better.

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July 13, 2006

“thanks for the blinker, mate!”

This post has me a bit weepy and homesick for some normality…. and this quote, from the same blog sums up the last few weeks superbly:

It is just such a rubbish ending to a tournament of ups and downs and downs. Though I may finally understand the offside rule, it still feels like all I gained from five weeks of football is a paler complexion, a crushing sense of disillusionment and slightly larger arse.

thanks Mad for the link

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For anyone who doesn’t think Zidane is one of the best, most gracious players ever, you should watch this!

Posted by Keitar0u on YouTube as a tribute, thanks for sharing

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July 12, 2006


I am a Leo, with a Virgo ascendant and moon in Taurus.
This is what I learnt from my new doctor today.

He doesn’t know what’s up with my feet, but I have a list of tests to have done at a ‘laboratoire’ as well as a homeopathy remedy to take, 8 sessions at a physiotherapist and an astrological plan of my life to follow. Actually, I thought he was very good. He even spotted my nose and told me what he thought straight out and then checked his diagnosis in his acupuncture book.

It seemed to tie in with the rest of his case based on alternative & traditional medicine. We’ll see.

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July 11, 2006

Paris Plage

I’ve just been checking on the net for information in English on this years Paris Plage.

There seems to be two this year, one on the right bank, and another on the left bank. The map for the right bank is below, or you can use this link to go to a real size map.

The beach comes complete with sand, deckchairs, palm trees, parasols, solarium, library and activities such as Aqua gym in the pool, dance, French boules, pentanque, volleyball as well as concerts ever Friday and Saturday night and cafes along the length! The idea was to give a summer vacation feel in Paris to the few Parisians who don’t manage to get away for the annual August migration down south.

And the longterm goal? A ban on cars along the Seine, planned for 2010 and an eternal Paris Plage! ooh la la!

I can’t wait to see if it’s as good as it sounds. I hope so.

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Another weird symptom

No news really. Just plodding along. I still have my red spot, but it’s fading away slowly…

Another weird thing has happened though, I’ve noticed my toes are numb. Michelle remembered me mentioning it up to three weeks ago and me mumbling something about circulation. I remember them being fine in Glasgow, but now they’re numb. Six toes, numb. Weird.

And today, around 3.30pm there was a series of military aircraft flying over Paris. Not just one or two, but about a dozen of them. The noise was incredible. I thought it was the end of the world coming, I called Michelle and she thinks it’s probably practice day for the parade up the Champs d’Elysee for Bastille Day on Friday….

She could be right.

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July 10, 2006

le tristesse!

Well. If you didn’t catch the match, Les Bleues (who were in white) played an amazing game last night in the World Cup Final. Sadly, even though they played better than the Italians, the game ended on a shoot-out and the Italians took the honours after about 125 minutes. We were all dressed up. All hyped up. The city was ablaze in blue. And at the end of the match it was very sad. People wandering about, glazed with incredulity, confused about the actions of their hero Zidane who received a red card in the last few minutes of his last ever match for headbutting an Italian. Collective cries of ‘why?’.

And now, it’s all finished for another 4 years.
Next year, the Rugby World Cup – HERE in France!

(Just heard on France2, the rumour according to the Guardian, is that the Italian called Zidane a terrorist!)

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July 6, 2006

Lots of plans, yet no plans…

So another table, another bottle, another game…. on Sunday!

Today I’ve been dusting (there’s so much dust) and tidying and getting ready for the weekend. Our first weekend where we have nothing we HAVE to do. Plenty of stuff we’d like to do but nothing that HAS to get done. I’m looking forward to it. We’ve been invited by Francis to a photography exhibition opening of one of his friends tomorrow night, somewhere in the 20eme. Saturday it’s a toss up between going to the Marche au Puces at Pte Cliquancourt or to watch the rugby game- Australia vs New Zealand in Bar Oz on St Denis at 13h… Decisions Decisions. Sunday I’d like to check out the Organic Market in the 7eme arrondisement on the left bank, it’s supposed to be the largest and the best in Paris, and then of course there’s the world cup final. France vs Italy.

Allez le bleus!

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July 5, 2006

Allez les bleus!

If you want to have an idea of what it was like around Paris last Saturday night when France pushed Brazil out of the World Cup… check this. (just press play >)

Tonight it’s France playing Portugal. I have my seat reserved at Le Comptoir du Commerce, my meal planned, and my rosé on ice. Michelle will be watching from Bruxelles. Now all I need is for France to win!

allez les bleus….

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July 4, 2006

it’s very very hot

It’s still 30 degrees in the shade and the thunder has just started….
Big drops of rain. I raced home to close the windows and I’ve decided that Le Bon Marche can wait ’till tomorrow. I’ll stay in and drink coffee from our new coffee machine, maybe watch BBC News on our new telly and eat Lindt chocolate while reading the Guardian (complete with supplements) courtesy of Dirk & Joanne who were here last weekend bearing gifts. Or maybe I’ll just nap.

It could be worse I suppose….

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July 3, 2006

London to Paris

By bike.

We went yesterday to watch the 7 Glaswegians from Thales arrive at the Eiffel Tower after three days on their bikes, riding from London to Paris for charity.

Michelle was there handing out champagne.

Of course!

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