June 29, 2006

Red Road Movie

The film I did last December ‘Red Road‘ was shown with some success at Cannes this year. Toronto film festival has picked it up for it’s first North American release. I haven’t seen it yet, but if you get a chance go check it out, I’m the old bag in the window in my dressing gown, watching the main character run down the street at night from the high-rise, so called red road flats. You shouldn’t be able to miss me. The camera crossed to me being a nosy bugger!

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Paris, la folie des soldes !

Have you ever been to a Paris sale? It’s like nothing I’ve ever known before.

First thing. The sales in France are regulated. They are allowed to be on for 6 weeks, from the end of June till the beginning of August. The dates were published just last week for each departement. Being in the sale period, the stores are allowed to open on Sundays which is an exception as normally all stores are closed on Sundays. The rule I like best is that only articles that have been previously sold can be included in the sale, so there’s none of that getting in special crappy stock for sales, this is the real deal. Last week you could have paid €1300 for that funky little Chanel singlet, but if you had waited till June 28th, 8am you would have picked it up for a mere €650! The rule I like least is that no matter if the store has 5000 of those singlets left in orange, the lowest price they can sell it for is the cost price. They cannot lose money on the article and recoup from something else, all sale prices must be equal to or above the cost price. So much for free enterprise.

Yesterday I went along to Galleries Lafayette and Printemps and I just couldn’t believe all the people! It looked like everyone took a journee RTT and hit the shops. It was unbelievable, normally reserved French women, fighting over designer labels reduced by 50%. I was carried along by the crowd most of the day – and by the time I found a moment of breathing space I noticed it was 5pm, and I’d just spent €600 over 8 hours on all absolutely, positively, almost boringly necessary stuff for the apartment.

Of course.

(I returned this morning to look at the clothes, and shoes, and bags…. I’m only human!)

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June 28, 2006

les soldes

start today!

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June 27, 2006

Fete Nationale du Quebec

Last Friday the Delegation generale du Quebec in Paris (16eme) had a street party to celebrate le fete nationale du Quebec, Saint-Jean Baptiste day. There was live music, Quebec beer, hot-dogs, and POUTINE promised, only we got there a little late(!) and they had run out of the poutine which was the big draw for us in the first place! Nevermind. Michelle had a chance to sing along to all the old typical French-Canadian songs, dance her strange little dance, shout and cheer and generally try and speak louder and with a stronger accent than all the other quebecers in the crowd. Me I lost my quebec status as soon as I opened my mouth, so I propped myself up against a wall, tapped my foot in time with the folk, and drank la Blanche de Chambly with Valerie as we laughed at the mayhem around us.

We had a ball.

Canada Day at the Canadian embassy here in Paris is this Friday night. I imagine Molsen will be the beer of choice for the English Canadians… we’ll have to see how it compares!

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June 21, 2006

Buy Fairtrade

This is really timely, considering the world cup and all…

Did you know that Pakistan is the largest producer of footballs, with the Sialkot regions supplying a staggering 70% of the world’s footballs? Thats work for an estimated 44,000 stitchers involved in the production of 35 million footballs every year. I received my Fairtrade Foundation Newsletter this morning…

The next time you go out to buy a football, or in fact any sports ball (rugby, volleyball and basketballs included) make sure it’s a FAIRTRADE ball.

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A to Z of cocktails

We discovered Happy Hour at Le Pavillion last night….
Happy Hour goes for 4 hours, and you get 2 cocktails for the price of one (thankfully since they’re €9 to start with!). There is no sharing allowed, but you don’t have to have 2 of the same cocktails, you can mix, which I’m reminded this morning, is hardly a good thing.

The Mojitos are good. The Julips are good. And the corn chips and salsa that they supply you with to keep you thirsty are very good and magically keep getting topped up. We watched the first half of the England vs Sweden game last night and when we left we were confident that England would win since they seemed to be playing so well….

By the time we got home, after a quick stop at the Thai on Tiquetonne, which by the way is the best out of three Thais we’ve tried in the area, the final score was 2 all! It must have been a very exciting second half.

Today we’re on the market for TVs. Oh joy.

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June 20, 2006

La Soupe Populaire

On our street we have a little restaurant called ‘La Soupe Populaire‘. For €3.80 I can have a hot lunch (1 of usually 5 choices) and a carafe d’eau which is a bargain compared with the €5.60 just around the corner for a salad sandwich.

It’s cheap, it’s good, it’s hot and I don’t have to cook it myself.

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Red spot

I have a burn-like looking thing right at the tip of my nose. It appeared out of nowhere yesterday. It can’t possibly be a burn, it would have been quite painful if I had burnt my nose there, and since I don’t remember either the burn or the pain I’m at a loss as to what it could be.

Suffice to say, I won’t be venturing out for a little while. Not with a perfectly round dark spot on the tip of my nose. I may be just able to pull off the distressed foreigner look here in Paris, but I don’t think the ‘Bozo’ the clown look will open too many doors for me….

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June 19, 2006

There is at least one box of CDs missing

How do we know you ask? since we have so many…

Well there are about 300 CD’s that have always been kept separately from the majority as they contain rare Australian bands and prepress recordings from my days as a publicist. Wouldn’t you know it, but these are the ones that appear to be missing! Surely they could have pilfered a box of techno stuff. We’ve plenty of that….

It makes me very very nervous that perhaps there is something else missing. Something that hasn’t occured to us yet, but when we’re settled we’ll start looking for and we’ll realise we never received it. It happened when we moved to Glasgow and no doubt it’s going to happen here…

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June 15, 2006

I’m back ON

Back in the ‘not so real world’. France Telecom/Wanadoo/Orange have now got us up and running…

I’m sitting in amongst boxes still. Computer is on the floor, because the desk is too big, no chair, but we are now the proud owner(s) of a very tiny double bed which is heaven after close to a week on the bare floor! Not a lot of advancement to be honest, but it’s coming along slowly. Francis is coming by tonight to fiddle with the electricity to give us some light in the kitchen in exchange for a meal. It has to be a cold meal, because we have an induction stove, and wouldn’t you know it… all my lovely copper pots don’t work on an induction stove.

Does this sound like complaining? It shouldn’t really. There are some wonderful things happening.

We are 10 minutes walk to the Louvre
Vin Rose is very cheap and very very good
Coffee & croissants for breakfast is to die for…
Our apartment is very quiet, yet in a very vibrant neighbourhood
We have some very generous friends around us that have been helping out with trips to Ikea, building of furniture, providing an on-call resource service, and best yet, taking me out to leave the dust and boxes for a break once in awhile for a G&T in the sun.

I’m off to prepare a salad for dinner, but promise I’ll write more soon…

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June 9, 2006

not lost

We’re safe and well, struggling a little getting the apartment together, it was left filthy, and the bed would’nt fit in the bedroom so we have to find a new one, but apart from that the weather is lovely and the restaurants are great! Should have an internet connection sometime next week….

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June 1, 2006

See you in Paris…. we’re losing the connection Now…

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