September 26, 2008

our Wedding Present

Thanks to all our generous friends in Quebec, we bought a piece of art this week that we saw while we were down south in St Remy de Provence. Kamil Vojner is the artist and you can see more of his work here.

The picture we bought (see below) is called ‘Red’. It started as a colour photo, varnished with wax and then oils and we love it. Very, very much. I have big plans to have it framed in an old antique french style frame, once we save up…


Thank you so much Marie & Rafik, Jackie, Sandy & Francoise, Irene & Alan, Angie & Perry, Roberta & Dave, Julie & Mario, Sonia & Alain, Doris & Dan and Arline & Gregoire – please forgive me if I forgot someone. You were all so kind to donate generously towards our wedding gift and it’s entirely thanks to you we could purchase this piece of art. Thank you.

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