January 27, 2006

Triple J – Hottest 100

Starting in the ’80’s on New Years Day (back when 2JJJ wasn’t national) the Hottest 100 was voted by the public for the best 100 songs of the year. The tradition continues, and these days it’s announced on Australia Day – here is the link for this years stream of the Hottest 100 2005. It should be up for a couple of weeks…

… I’m getting all nostalgic for Aus, sitting here listening to the stream … mind, the last BDO I was at was in 1994 with Speedie!
(I can’t believe it was 12 years ago)

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October 5, 2005

Music Issue 2

So much for doing this weekly, or even monthly!

I just wanted to tell you about a couple of the new bands that are out there that appear to be trying to be the NEXT Franz Ferdinand… bands such as Bloc Party, the Bravery, the Killers and Kasabian. It’s not that they sound like or even look anything like FF just that the press over here are building each of them up as though they were going to follow the same meteoric rise as the Glasgow group have managed over the past few years… with not a lot to backup the hype.

Personally I think listening to Bloc Party is like listening to The Cure, and if you’re our age and heard The Cure the first time around, then it’s just weird and not a little flattering. The Bravery make a very good attempt at a New Order copy. But the best by far is Kasabian, they deserve a listen or two or three. I tend to think they’re much better than Franz Ferdinand, the music is much more creative, they seem to explore more and it makes for a far more diverse sound and collection of tunes. Definitely not just a band making ‘pop’ for the sake of it…

Another deserved mention goes to Arcade Fire. I heard ‘Rebellion’ on the radio on our drive home from Skye last month and with some pressure, went and bought the CD just to discover that the whole world seems to already know about them, Claire saw them live last summer in Paris and HRH David Bowie doesn’t do a concert without them! It’s not surprising. They’re very good. Tell me Montrealais, are they the next Bran Van 2000?

Lastly just a mention to Sigur Ros and their new CD Takk. Everyone who is tired of hearing Bjork but who want to continue to experience the Icelandic atmospheric techno music – this is the best thing that is coming out of Iceland at the moment!

That’s it. Sorry for the delay, sorry for the brevity, hopefully I’ll do it again soon, but please let me know if you come across anything fantastic you think I should listen to.

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March 1, 2005

Tough life, huh!

That music info column that was *supposed* to happen once a week, has cough been delayed due to a ahem business trip to France…..

And, unfortunately, it will be cough, cough delayed again cough next week, whilst the writer will be ahem on vacation…

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February 22, 2005

a la demande generale!

On a weekly basis I’ll try to update you on what we are listening to at home and at the gym, the reviews we read, and what’s coming up music wise in this part of the world. As you can imagine, I’m spending most of my time trying to discover local Scottish music. The music creation in this part of the world is so amazing, it’s just one more bonus to an already great experience. Glasgow.

Decouverte du mois:
The Blue Nile: High
Genial. Finally I found the guy who sings the amazing song on the 6 feet under soundtrack. Paul Buchanan. Deep, moving voice, and the music…perfect with a book at night or first thing in the morning. (Scottish from Glasgow!)

The Notwist: Neon Golden. A few years old, but German electronica at its best! Talking about German music, I went to see a Turkish movie set in Hamburg (called Head On, which was excellent), and there was one song from Mercan Dede. A great Montréal composer. I’m a big fan of Mr.Dede. Montreal’s best kept secret …I was very proud !

Another discovery (for me anyway) in world beat this time: Souad Massi. She was playing at the Francofolies de Montreal last year. Her poster was everywhere in the city, also excellent, amazing voice, the Arabic style is not too “Arabic”. Getting some serious airplay prior to our Morocco trip next month (even thought she comes from Algeria).

Recent purchases:
This is what radio should sound like. A great title for an album, a sort of best of from an American label called Fivesixrecordings. Good music, eclectic, dance, electro. Cool stuff.
Japan: Tin Drum. From the 80’s. Definitely not recommended if you don’t already like Heaven 17, ABC, etc…
Athlete: Tourist. Their latest album. You must have heard me talking about them. Not as catchy at Keane, but also not as tacky. Highly recommended.
Mylo: Destroy Rock and Roll. Another Scottish artist, from Skye. Different electronica, very clever, some songs are very good, others very weird. For those who want to experiment, you’ll be rewarded!

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. I was never a big fan of Mr. Cave – but I never doubted his songwriting capability. We bought a ‘best of’ not too long ago, and it’s brilliant.

On high rotation:
Best of of Underworld. Like creme brulee !

Great listening at the gym:
Deep Dish in Toronto on Global Underground. Definitely not their best, but ok…

NEWS: Get ready for Ben Watt (one half of ‘Everything But The Girl) and another lady, Estelle, who have come up with a dance track that is supposed to be the best of the year, and we’re not even in March yet!!

Michelle (edited by Elissa…)

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