July 20, 2009

All for a pair of boots!

We’re getting a bit tired of wearing the same clothes. A suitcase is generally not big enough for 8 weeks worth of clothes, even with a washing machine. Once our stuff gets here it’s going to feel like we’ve been out shopping for lots of new things to wear. I can’t wait.

Sadly, waiting is what we’ve been doing. Our container arrived 2 weeks ago in Sydney, and it’s been going through customs, inspections and fumigation ever since. On Wednesday last week, we were advised it should be finished and ready to deliver Monday. Thursday last week, we received an email telling us they found a pair of boots in our container that were not clean. We had an option to steam clean for $360, or destroy for $75. We were a little indignant about this, since Michelle had spent two solid days washing & scrubbing shoes before we left. We wanted to see a picture of which shoes they were before we decided to go ahead and chuck them. Friday last week, they sent us a picture. I didn’t even recognise the boots, although Michelle did….

Apparently they were my hillwalking boots from Scotland. Seems these boots have been sealed away in a box with my other well used (!) hillwalking gear, stored in our ‘cave’ in Paris for 3 years, never touched. Little wonder then we didn’t wash them, we didn’t even notice the box. Needless to say, the poor boots have been destroyed and our container has been delayed another week.

What will I wear on our next hillwalking trip?

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