July 14, 2009

World’s funniest Island

I have a friend who is working for this comedy festival, the inaugural year, and I was invited along today to the press gathering. There was some tea, coffee and muffins, exactly 5 glasses of champagne (between 200 odd people), some speaches and some snippets of performances which were all very good and most importantly, very funny – but the best bit was, they led us onto a Sydney ferry and we cruised through the harbour over to Cockatoo Island where the comedy festival (aka weekend) is going to be held in October.

It’s brilliant. The island. Currently Ken Unsworth has an art exhibition on the island, and by all accounts it’s something to be seen, and we will do, when mum comes to visit at the end of this month. We walked around the island, all 200 of us, led by funny man, Rod Quantock with a speaker phone who showed us the layout of the island, as it is in his head and as it will be for the comedy festival weekend in October.

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to a weekend on Cockatoo Island, we may even camp there….

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