July 10, 2009

Can I tell you about my lousy day?

It started with the recycling men not taking my black bin. The black bin, as far as I know, is for recycling glass, plastic and cans – as opposed to the blue bin, which is for paper and cardboard. They took the blue bin, emptied it, turned it upside down and left it in the middle of the street. Normal. I brought it inside. The black bin was still sitting on the side-walk. An hour later I heard them pass, I meant to go and bring in my bin, but forget.

I got ready for my day, armed with a list of locations, tape measure, bus numbers and street directions and I set out via the garage door, only to stumble upon my black bin. Full. The same amount of bottles, plastic and tins as I left this morning. The people across the street had their bins emptied, there were upside down in the middle of the street, mine was sitting politely on the side of the road, full. I have no idea why. Nevermind, I didn’t let that stop me.

I brought the bin in anyway and set out to find cutains in Petersham. I decided to take a different route, get to know the neighbourhood. I got lost. No big deal. That didn’t stop me.

I found my bus, took it into the most industrial part of Sydney I’ve been to lately with 747s flying directly overhead (I could almost see the hostesses collecting the last of coffee trays). The curtain shop was lovely, less ready-made curtains than I had hoped, but lovely fabrics. The latest in French design(!). I ummed and aahhed, finally settling on an Indian silk for the bedroom (the first of three sets of curtains we need). The woman, pulled out her calculator, flattered me about my choice, mentioned it was 33% off and then winded me with a price of $1200. Nevermind, that didn’t stop me.

I turned around, stopped into the local pub for a shandy, I was thirsty and dying for the bathroom, before bravely crossing 8 lanes of highway in Sydenham. I missed my bus, and had to wait 35 minutes in the shade, in the icy wind on a highway across the road from a KFC. No big deal. That didn’t stop me.

My bus came, smooth sailing. The driver was friendly he gave me some tips of where to get off and I made it to the SupaCentre without a glitch. I sidled up to the blind counter in Freedom, ready to place an order for some eco-shutters for the study at 50% off. I measured the blind. I searched through all the boxes and for the life of me I couldn’t find my size. I asked for some help, the kid who was about 20 told me that 145cm is no longer a standard size for blinds, I’m going to need custom made, or, I can get a blind installer to come along to chop off the excess 5cm and handed me some publicity for a sub-contractor. I shrugged my shoulders, decided to wait until tomorrow, re-measure and deal with it then. Nevermind. That didn’t stop me.

Then I headed up to Nic Scali for the red leather chair that I remembered so fondly from our last trip to the SupaCentre. So deep, so comfortable, so reasonable. $499 is what we remembered. Only we remembered wrong, $590 in fact. Plus, you can’t pick up from Nic Scali anymore, you MUST pay for delivery. $75 worth of delivery. For a chair. I tried to negotiate in my frazzled state, he would give me a discount, but despite trying hard for a pickup it wasn’t going to happen. I told him I’d think about it. On my way out, I stopped to sit in it again, only instead of sitting in the red chair, I sat in the greenish/yellow chair and it was not so deep, nor so comfortable. What was going on. Back I went, demanding why the red and orange chairs were comfy, yet the brown and yellow ones were not? It seems that the orange & red chairs have been there for years, and everyone sits down. Just age he told me, mine too would become like that after a couple of years…. My response was that I want mine to be comfortable like that now. Not to worry, didn’t stop me.

I left the supacentre, and trudged along another highway back to redfern to take a bus to central, only I got on the 301 instead of the 303 and ended up going to Surry Hills. Nevermind, I walked to Central from Surry Hills, no biggy, used to do that everyday years ago. I called Michelle to call the Teak warehouse in Lewisham to confirm what time they closed, it was 4pm and I didn’t want to miss it. She did, they closed at 5pm, 7 days. The teak warehouse has 20% off until this weekend, we’ve spent about 90 minutes there already looking at a million different combinations, but we forgot one. I was going back to check it out. The train took forever, I got to Lewisham, I pulled out my street directory and I ran to Parramatta Road, I made it with 9 minutes to spare.

Only, it was closed. I mean, completely closed up, no lights, no sidedoors open, no sign of life. I buzzed continually on the garage doors, Michelle called non-stop, no-one picked up. They’d gone. Friday afternoon, who would know? a little early-mark!!!

Even though we had called not 45 minutes before!! Oh well. Another bus ride back to Broadway, dash across 6 lanes, another bus along King St, almost home, press the bell to stop the buzz and damn, just remembered I was supposed to pick up my worm farm. Got off the bus, ran back the 2 stops to the Watershed to get the farm and wouldn’t you know it… closed.

That did it. I’m tired, hungry, and in dire need of a drink. Sadly I’ve had to call Mad & Dave to cancel yet again our weekend in Newcastle, we’re going to spend another weekend trawling Freedom, Nic Scali and the teak warehouse. Oh joy. By bus, even better.

I don’t want to complain but…

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