August 5, 2008


My dad, my stepmother and my half brother were here for a week last week. They did the tourist things most days, we joined them sometimes, like the day we went to the Musee Picasso, then most nights we ate together sometimes in a restaurant, sometimes here, we had beautiful weather, and then they returned to their paradise in the south of France.

My mum and my other dad arrived last Thursday. The sun went away for a little while, the temperature dropped to a pleasant average and we managed a few days of touristy trawl before Peter fell sick. We were worried for awhile, but he seems to have pulled out of it now, and we spent the morning at the St Chappelle amongst the most gorgeous stained glass windows. A couple more days in Paris, and then we’ve a big party planned in the Luberon…. I’m looking forward to the pool & the bbq and the many friendly faces.

filles at 2:37 pm

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