July 16, 2008


This year, 2008, I decided that July 12th would make a good day for Michelle’s birthday. As you may or may not know Michelle and I have the same birthday, August 16th, and this year, just like we did in 2002 for Michelle – I’m having the whole day for myself, August 16th that is.

So Saturday, I woke up early, squeezed fresh orange juice for her, made her a cup of tea and brought her breakfast in bed with a gift. She was a little surprised but she played along. The day we spent shopping for her. Visiting the sales, I was patient, I didn’t leave her alone and head to Galleries Lafayette Maison, I went with her, into one store, out another, watched her try stuff on, pushed and shoved against all the other skinny girls for teenager size clothes. We had sushi for lunch, we found her a lovely watch, plenty of new clothes, a belt, we walked all the way, no complaints from me, I kept just wishing her a happy birthday.

At 6pm we jumped on the metro in a bit of a rush because we had arrangements for dinner with Anne & Olivier. That was the cover story. In fact we got home, I insisted she wear something nice (and not pull out the ironing board) and then one by one, 12 guests arrived to celebrate her birthday with her. It was really nice. She was really surprised and very happy – she hadn’t seen some of the people there for ages, and others she’d been insisting on calling to see over the long weekend before the holidays start.

We had champagne at the house, then we all went on down to Vintage, where Philippe the owner and chef had prepared a special Lebanese plate for her on the menu, had carafe’d some excellent wines well in advance and prepared the most magnificent dark & white chocolate mousse birthday cake for her, complete with many many candles!


Thanks to all of you who joined us and played along. Now we have just me to concentrate on in August…

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