April 22, 2008


The weather is lovely, spring at last. I’m rushing about like a mad woman getting ready for our holidays, managed to fit in a pedicure by Mathilde this morning and a fab lunch at Afaria… we’re going to see Weddings Parties Anything one of my favorite Aussie bands from the past are playing for Anzac day in London, it’s Gabe’s birthday on Sunday then we’ll have our fingers crossed for lots of sunshine and hot hot hot weather in Malta & Gozo. It’s been a long time since I’ve been looking forward to a holiday so much. The year is flying by, I’ve been keeping busy with my classes, Michelle’s busy at work and it’s May next week, that’s 2 years already in Paris. Bad news yesterday, our lease will not be renewed, that’s a definite decision. We’ll have to decide what’s next, keep working our way towards Australia, back to Montreal, or camping in Paris for another year….

Father’s Day – Weddings Parties Anything

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