February 14, 2008

the new me

I’m feeling more and more myself these days. Since I finished my french courses at the end of January I’m started to feel normal. Each day something new happens where I’m remembering what I used to do, what I used to enjoy doing, and what I want to start doing again. It’s like walking around with my head in two modes, the Elissa before french lessons (ebfl), and the Elissa during french lessons (edfl). Today I jumped out of bed, did the stuff that has to be done, grabbed a yoghurt, made a sandwich out of leftover baguette and promite and dashed off to catch the 9h10 screening of Juno at the cinema. I love going to the cinema early in the morning. There is no queue, although surprisingly there are quite a few people – about 50 of us today – and you come out, it’s still only 11am and you have the whole day ahead of you. It was a good imitation of ebfl.

And although the french lessons did me a lot of good, there was something in the whole discipline thing that didn’t fit well, so right now it feels like I’m shaking off a shadow.

I like the feeling.
Maybe next week I’lll return to the gym?

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