December 19, 2007

Christmas staples

We’re back from London. Came home Sunday night loaded up with english language books, UK music, UK newspapers, trashy magazines and a box full of rooibus tea. Lovely weekend, we did the christmassy thing, setting up the tree, drinking lots, fossicking at the UP Market, opening gifts, eating well, and we managed to fit in a pub, a couple of (important) games of football and a short wander around Hampstead. It was a bit sad to be happy christmassing so early, since we’ve spent the last 2 christmases there, but there you go… there’s still some talk (however muted) about the family possibly coming over here for New Years. We’ve got our fingers crossed.

In the meantime, it’s FREEZING over here. I’m back at my French lessons, visited the Quebec christmas markets yesterday where I picked up some dried cranberries (impossible to find over here) and did a HUGE shop at Le Bon Marche food hall – all the foreign treats for christmas, Prince Charles’ organic stem ginger biscuits, some curry sauces, galangal, mint essence and japanese novelties, French food is great, but it’s always nice to alternate once in awhile….

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