February 15, 2007

Contact vs Coiff1rst

I have no new locations, no new cafes, no art shows nor any interesting observations to share today. I went to the hairdresser. I’ve been stalking hairdressers for a couple of weeks now, looking for one for both Michelle and I. Up ’till now we’ve been continuing to go to our hairdresser in Glasgow whenever we pass through, except for the one time last fall that Michelle tried the salon just downstairs, quite unsuccessfully I have to add, she had it fixed up when she visited me in Australia. So far my search has been a bit hit and miss. I’m going on a mix of gut feel, nose up to the window, customers inside and colour of the walls basically. That’s the criteria for Michelle. For me, I chose one because there was a picture in the window of someone with my haircut. How hard could that be?

Me: (in bad French)”Can you cut my hair exactly like that picture, and top it up with the same colour over the grey?”
Salon: (in very fast French) “Yes”

I spent 3.5 hours in the chair, watching various people discuss my hair, fiddle with it, do things I knew weren’t exactly like the picture, nor the same colour that I already have and then €xxx later I walked out of there with too short and very stripey hair. Voila!

Hopefully Michelle will have better luck on Saturday morning in the salon with lovely orange walls…

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