February 2, 2007

an ode to Roger

We’ve come to the end of the road.

On Wednesday Roger finished the last item on an exhaustive list that we somewhat optimistically drew up when we first heard he was coming over to help us paint. Somewhere between that first call about 4 weeks ago and today, the list got longer and longer and included all the rest of the niggling little bits & pieces involving tools, drills and all the rest of the things that require a skilled and certified “handyman”. At the end of it all he went through all the tools with me, their storage, their uses, what can be returned and what cannot. It’s been an amazing three weeks. Not only has Roger managed to complete our mile long list of ‘things to be done’. But he also managed to keep us entertained, kept us sane, and his trip has allowed us to discover parts of Paris we never knew existed.

True, it was not a typical “voyage en France” for M. Marien, there was a lot more work, and a lot less play than he was probably accustomed to. We did manage to squeeze in some grand restaurants & brasseries, before we all agreed that home cooking is probably more compatible over such a short period of time. We managed some museums and exhibitions, some discovery walks visiting neighbourhoods, cemeteries, and markets as well as a quick sojourn to Spain between the endless trips to DIY giants like BHV and Leroy Merlin where we spent hours pouring over the different size screws and nuts and bolts and mirrors and paint and doorknobs and the rest….

For all the work he did here, for putting up with my bossy nature, and for just being the very cool, very laid back great friend he is, we truly owe him and Lorraine a great deal.

Thank you Roger. From the bottom of our hearts. We want you to come back soon and we promise not to give you any more work to do…. promise. We’ve got millions more walks to do, cards to follow, restaurants to try and neighbourhoods to discover and we want to share them with you & Lorraine.

Happy retirement from Honeywell. Take your time, enjoy the moments, and don’t be in such a hurry to go back to work….

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