January 17, 2007

An update from the “building site”

The weather has been just so-so. But for our needs this week, we could only call it perfect.

Roger is raging through our list of chores we put together for him when he casually mentioned he was going to “come & help us paint”. We weren’t sure if that was just an excuse for a trip to Paris, or he really meant it, but we didn’t take any chances. We started writing a list, started researching colours & finishes, bought curtains to be hung, started pouring over decor magazines for ideas, and here we are. Roger’s here. The list has been written, though thankfully we’ve been managing to even add things as we think of them, like “oh yeah, you wouldn’t know how to go about fixing something like this wobbly step would you Roger?” oops, I haven’t told him about that one yet….

Anyway, not even a full week here in Paris, and we have our curtains hung in our bedroom (no more flashing for the neighbours). I have a light installed here at my desk (hopefully no more spelling errors!). The cupboard door handles are fixed, our coat rack installed in the kitchen so we don’t have to go outside without a coat, to get a coat(!).

Today is part 1 of the bathroom saga. All the doors are off the wardrobe. The bathroom has been emptied, and from what I can gather from peeking through the keyhole, Roger is stripped down to his skin, sanding back the doors….

I’ve just delivered the mop, the broom, a rag and a garbage bag, so I gather it’s knock off time. I’d better put the kettle on…

Tommorrow, the painting begins.

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