January 5, 2007

The Days are getting longer…

We’re eagerly awaiting a visit from Roger. He’s kindly agreed to come to Paris and do all the ‘fix it’ things we need doing. Winter is no problem for a Quebecois, it doesn’t go below zero here at the moment compared to Montreal where it seems to hover below zero pretty much from now till the end of February (n’est pas?). It should feel positively balmy for him. Along with all the handyman work we’ve put aside for him (and there’s a list as long as my arm!) we thought we might go for a weekend jaunt somewhere in Europe. Perhaps Seville. Maybe Rome. Could be Berlin. Brussels could be fun. Or even the coast of Brittany (for some reason Michelle has it in her head that Brittany would be nice in winter!). Factor in that, plus the parties we’ve been invited to, the restaurants we’ve always wanted to try and the galleries we keep meaning to go to. It’s going to be a jam packed 3 weeks! Come on Roger, hurry up, I’m looking forward to it….

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