December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

We went to the Opera Bastille Friday night to see Coppelia, the ballet. It was wonderful. Dinner at one of the grand dames of Paris restaurants the Brasserie Bofinger. We were there to celebrate Claire’s new single homeowner status! A glass of champagne, oysters, lobster, sauerkraut & a variety of fresh fish. It was a magnificent meal, a magnificent evening.

Last night the 30th, we had some new friends for dinner, JD is Quebecois and manages our local Repaire de Bacchus wine store, his girlfriend is French and had a very strong backbone, having to incur all our generalisations on “the French” all night long. It was a lot of fun. We opened a bottle of Coppola wine, amongst many others, I made a cauliflower and cheese soup (the cauliflowers are beautiful this time of year) followed by a rack of lamb with roasted potato’s and baby leeks, then pan fried pears in a maple syrup and orange sauce with vanilla ice-cream. There was some cheese in there somewhere as well as some whisky and sortilege. We were just about done by 1.15am when our guests had to leave to take the last metro home.

Tonight will be much the same, only it’s oysters, smoked salmon, lamb mechoui, chocolate mousse, and St Antoine cheese on the menu. Not forgetting champagne and a bottle of Chateau Pape Clement 1986 (Grand Cru Classe de Graves)!

Bonne Annee!

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