May 17, 2004

Pub Culture

This is an extract from a NY Times editorialists’ article titled ‘Giving in to the Pub Life’……

“For real mixing, you have to hit the pubs. Of which there are many, and various kinds: ancient, unspoiled pubs where the grease marks date back to the Union of the Crowns in 1603, horseshoe pubs, hip 20-something pickup pubs, outdoor pubs, neighborhood pubs, even old-age pubs. Thus, when my husband’s colleague Iain invited me to join the two of them at the Chip, I could hardly refuse.

So (my trip to the pub) turned into two hours? O.K. — two and a half. In any event, I mainly stick to red wine, which as everyone knows is good for you, if taken in moderation. Moderation, however, is not a pub virtue. Nor is red wine. This is Scotland, and the drink of choice is beer — or, of course, whisky. Here’s how it works: first your new best friend, Iain — how on earth had you managed to get along without him? — buys a round, then you buy a round, and then, though you think it might be time to go, it isn’t, because by this time your new best friend’s mate Richard has shown up, meaning it’s Richard’s turn, and though you are refusing a third glass of — what is it you’re drinking? — you don’t seem to have much choice because here Richard is actually pouring his lager into your glass, and saying, ”Beer is good,” and as he fills your glass you’re joined by yet another pal, a somewhat hulking fellow in a beat-up biker jacket, and now all of you are toasting to ale, art and your favorite aging rocker, Mick Jagger. Sir Mick! He’s a bloody knight, you know.”

All of which I find, is a true and accurate account of daily life in Glasgow.

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