July 6, 2006

Lots of plans, yet no plans…

So another table, another bottle, another game…. on Sunday!

Today I’ve been dusting (there’s so much dust) and tidying and getting ready for the weekend. Our first weekend where we have nothing we HAVE to do. Plenty of stuff we’d like to do but nothing that HAS to get done. I’m looking forward to it. We’ve been invited by Francis to a photography exhibition opening of one of his friends tomorrow night, somewhere in the 20eme. Saturday it’s a toss up between going to the Marche au Puces at Pte Cliquancourt or to watch the rugby game- Australia vs New Zealand in Bar Oz on St Denis at 13h… Decisions Decisions. Sunday I’d like to check out the Organic Market in the 7eme arrondisement on the left bank, it’s supposed to be the largest and the best in Paris, and then of course there’s the world cup final. France vs Italy.

Allez le bleus!

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