November 10, 2005

Let’s make it happen!

We’re getting closer to knowing what and where we’ll be posted next May. Michelle is busy preparing her presentation for next week in Paris. The ideal is that she makes her very professional, well thought out and relevant presentation for the job she wants to create, her audience is absolutely rapt and each and every one of them think it’s a fabulous idea. A week after the presentation, she receives numerous offers of employment in Paris, Bordeaux and Toulouse, all with generous expat packages to ensure that we can continue to live in the style we’re used to. After much discussion with friends and family (you see! you can have a say…) we make our decision.

This is what I’m walking about thinking of. I’m trying to visualise the happy, classy, international, jet-set lifestyle we’ll have in Paris. Trying to make it happen in my head so that it materializes and becomes reality.

If you want to give me a hand, start thinking Paris, big apartment, smelly cheeses, beautiful fashion….

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