April 19, 2004


We’re home. Michelle arrived yesterday, in the morning, from Orlando, and me in the evening from France. Both successful trips, both of us exhausted! I spent the week with my 5 year old brother Lucas, my dad and his wife, Suzie.

My biggest revelation was that I’m not very good with children. I tend to regress and act about 5 years old myself when I’m around them. Lucas and I had two really good days, the first and the last! the rest was a series of good “moments” spread out through the week.

The circus was in town, so we went as a family. Dad bought front row tickets, we were right up there, right up close! Close enough to be hit with tigers piss when he not so discreetly decided to relieve himself!

It’s the first time I’ve ever been to such a circus. It was magical. That was UNTIL I started feeling guilty for enjoying it. The poor animals, I kept hearing in my head, what a life for such wild and beautiful creatures. It was tough to sit back then and enjoy it. The mind can rationalise so many things, but I was struggling with this. In the end, I came up with this: The atmosphere was great, the kids were having a ball, the acrobats, clowns and entertainers were all thoroughly enjoyable. As our first real family outing, it was worth it!

We had several dinner parties to go to with various friends, all very enjoyable, a few new restaurants to try, again, very enjoyable – but the highlight of the week was the Music Festival/Competition being held in Fabrezan village church. Lucas was entered into a percussion group with some other children from the village between the ages of 4 and about 8… he was playing the tambourine. It lasted a whole 3 minutes, but it was brilliant! The group received a “Tres Bien” and so were asked to come back the following night to play in the finals! which they did… to the delight of the crowds!

It was a nice visit. Away from technology – no internet, no TV – only books, and family. And of course, in France. What more could I ask for?

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