January 17, 2005

A fleeting visit back home

We’re back into the swing of things here. Dinner party here on Saturday night which ended with Michelle & Andy passed out on the couch around 3.30am listening to something from the 80’s, VERY LOUDLY.

Yesterday was spent recuperating at the Observatory. Breakfast pizza coupled with a few Bloody Mary’s, the only way to do it…

Today I’m getting frustrated searching for budget holidays in The Whitsunday’s. Seems May is on the cusp of peak season and budget = $200 a night in northern Queensland. A little more than we had accounted for. I had costed out internal flights last week, BNE/Cairns; Cairns/SYD, but I didn’t book them, wanting to confirm our transatlantic flights first – and now, on top of the accommodation, the fares have doubled. Yep. Doubled. I’m going to gamble and not book them yet, hoping that there might be another sale sometime soon….

We’re off to celebrate my nana’s 90th birthday in Sydney and thought we’d take the opportunity to visit the Great Barrier Reef before pollution and millions of tourists take their toll. A couple of years ago we spent a week on Lady Elliott Island which is an eco resort at the very southern tip of the Barrier Reef. It was lovely, certainly enough to make us want to go back, although this time we’re headed up north to Port Douglas. If you know of any nice, reasonably priced accommodation or have an ‘in’ with either Virgin Blue or Qantas, please let me know….

I’m not really complaining. It will be a nice, albeit very short trip. A few days in Port Douglas, a few days in Sydney, and a few days in Singapore on the way home. Nice and sweet. Not really anytime to visit anyone, just my nana and some family and as they say over here “that’ll be us then”. We’ve got to keep a couple of days vacation to spend with those of you who have confirmed trips to Glasgow this year….

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