January 17, 2013

Art After Hours

It’s nice the not working situation. We’re getting back to the easy going lifestyle where I do all the boring chore stuff during the day and we have evenings and weekends free for culture and entertainment. Unfortunately it can’t last long, I have to start looking for a job and start studying. All good things come to an end, or so I hear….

Anyway last night we went to the NSW Art Gallery to see Francis Bacon during Art After Hours. We sat and listened to Adrian Martin correlate Francis Bacon and film and then half joined a walking tour, while we went through the exhibition. I was actually surprised at the ‘love of life’ and joy that I saw in most of the paintings. They are dark for sure, but you can see a man that lives a life of excess in them. The splashes of colour, usually hidden somewhere in a corner of the art were deliberate and encouraging. I really enjoyed it.

A glass of Chandon in the bar afterwards whilst listening to a jazz singer, then a quick walk to Fix St James for an always exceptional dinner, and we were done. A great way to spend a Wednesday evening. Really.

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