April 4, 2012

Let’s get the record straight..

You could be excused for thinking that i was away writing my essay, a valid reason for not posting on here lately.  Unfortunately it’s not the case. As hard as I’m trying – i’m still not advancing and I’m seriously running out of time.

I sat down today to start writing and amazingly enough i’ve found a million other things to do.  I’m really struggling on the essay planning phase.  I’ve tried planning first, writing second.  That didn’t get me very far. Now I’ve tried writing first, then rearranging into some kind of plan. Not working either. I can talk through my ideas, although not in any kind of logical order, which is where the problem is.

Now you would think if you know what the problem is, it should be easy to address and move on.  Yeah, I thought that too…

Guess we learn something every day.

filles at 2:52 pm

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