January 8, 2012


I’ve become addicted to Torchwood.  I was watching it when we lived in Paris… just a random program on TV but in ENGLISH.  That was enough to catch my attention.  Now, Season 1 is being shown on the ABC or at least on iView, and then yesterday I discovered the first 3 seasons are on BBC iView. It’s a Torchwood fiesta only I’m supposed to be studying.

Top it off, there is a mosquito in the bedroom that is being very elusive.  Just as I’m about to drop off to sleep he buzzes right by my ear. Light goes on, arms flail and he’s gone. I’ve sprayed myself with insect repellent – he’ll never survive.  But I’ll never sleep either…. the stench is so strong.


filles at 12:27 am

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