August 13, 2004

Squash was fun…

Hard, but fun. Can’t move today, but fun. Couldn’t breathe after about 10 minutes, but still fun! I discovered I’m a bit rusty at it, but again, it’s fun!

Edinburgh today for the International Fringe Festival. We have tickets to see Jimoin tonight, and then the Military Tatoo tomorrow night. The rest is free to wander into whatever show appears to be good as we progress. Considering the forecast, I will expect that they will mostly be indoor shows this weekend which could mean a few pints which could possibly even assist!

Even if it rains for the whole weekend, please, please, please pray for a break between 10.30pm and midnight tomorrow night, I can’t think of anything worse than sitting outside in stands, watching a bunch of men in skirts blowing into pipes in the pissing rain…. Imagine!

filles at 8:44 am

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