November 17, 2009


We’ve got another wine weekend away coming up in Mudgee. My aunt will be house-sitting for us, feeding the fish, watering the garden and generally looking after the place while we’re away. Definitely one of the inconveniences of having a garden and pond full of fish. We haven’t had to worry about that for such a long time, and in Paris there was no end of people happy to house-sit our apartment in the first arrondisement whenever we went away. Anyone out there want to come and house-sit for us? anytime, let us know…

Actually I received a flyer in the mail last week from a young english couple who were looking to do just that. They had friends in Erskineville and they were hoping to do some house-sitting in the area so they could stay all summer. I was going to send them an email and suggest we meet so I could get to know them before we opened the house up to them, but then I chickened out. How much do you need to know someone to hand over the keys to your life? Jury’s still out on that one. I wish I could just go with it. It was brave of them to do a mailing in the area, and I think they should be rewarded for their tenacity, but…

Anyway, back to Mudgee. Another jam packed weekend, I’m desperately trying to arrange the wine we have at home. I bought a nice new big and fairly quiet cellar last weekend – so there is wine all over the place being sorted into drink now, drink later, and drink only on very very very special occasions. I have to finish before we come home with more cases of tried tested and liked wine from Mudgee. I’m going to be booking restaurants for the weekend, there are so many to try, so many great reviews, I think it’s going to be one of those places we keep going back to. So if you’re planning a visit, chances are we’ll be heading to Mudgee at some point. With any luck it won’t be in summer, this weekend the forecast is for 41 degrees in the shade, thank god I arranged a b&b with a pool. Good thinking considering it was winter when I booked. The only thing I didn’t manage was air-conditioning, but since Michelle won’t sleep with air-con on it doesn’t really matter. I’ll spend the days in the cellar drinking the wine, afternoons in the pool and evenings in air-conditioned restaurants. Sorted.

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