November 11, 2009

… to get moving, or not….

I have so much to do, I can’t do any of it. Racked with stress to get stuff done, I start something, and never finish it. My desk is just building up and up and up. It’s time for some action. I’m going to finish this, then tackle my desk. Michelle tells me that I should write a list since she sees me doing this once in awhile and it seems to work. Little does she know I have lists all over the house. I keep trying, they’re not working…. not this time anyway.

Apart from my inability to get the things done that need to be done, we’ve been busy out enjoying ourselves. We’ve started a little ritual of swimming at Bondi Beach at 6.30am on a Sunday. This week we dragged our two guests from Paris with us, they were sceptical at first, but once they were in the surf, getting dumped with half of Sydney, we won out. It will probably be the highlight of their trip. We then wandered into our neighbours backyard who were holding a champagne breakfast before the Newtown Festival was due to start. The champagne breakfast turned into a champagne lunch, and champagne afternoon – we were home around 4.30pm in time for a nap before lighting the bbq and preparing a good aussie bbq for our guests. Sausages all round.

So the Parisians have left, the sun has come out, and here I am procrastinating again. Right, I’m off, have a lovely sunny Wednesday. I’m going to sort out this desk.

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