July 27, 2004

Shopping spree

Well we have just had an entire years worth of weather this past weekend. Saturday started off wet, and just seemed to get wetter. Michelle went off up a hill, another Munroe. She came back drenched to her underwear, everything soaked through, but proud. I declined the hillwalking activity in favour of a morning at the cinema, Spiderman 2, and then an afternoon shopping in the summer sales.

Shopping has not been high in my list of priorities since we got here. Because I don’t work as much as I used to (!) and therefore don’t earn nearly as much as I used to, I just can’t spend as much as I used to. Now that’s been fine. No complaints. I’ve just pretty well stayed away from the shops, except to buy things that we need, when we need them… and yet, it seems that all I need is a very depressing wet, cold Saturday alone and all that theory goes up in smoke. It was one of the days that everything works. You know girls, a day when everything fits, everything makes you look slimmer than you are (nothing to do with skinny mirrors in the dressing room) and to top it all off – everything you ever thought you MIGHT need or want is at 50% off! How could I resist?

Then Sunday was completely opposite. It started out beautiful and sunny and warm. Not hot, but hotter than the rest of the summer so far. A nice fair 20 degrees C. We bought the papers then went out for brunch in a new coffee shop at the end of the street. This was followed by a quick spin at the driving range to whack a few balls, then down to Kelvingrove Park where they were holding the annual ‘Glasgow Mela’. This was billed as a “multicultural event where different communities within Glasgow come together to share their culture, whilst embracing that of others… all in a fun festival atmosphere”. Well, I’m not sure about that, but we did eat some very good samosas and pakora – and got a squiz at Cameron (last years BB winner) in the distance….

Then back to shopping. We wandered into town to do a few chores and to search for some specific things that we figured we could take advantage of the sales for… but as is want to happen, we ended up somewhere completely different, frantically trying things, and coming away at closing with more stuff we MIGHT need or want.

So, that was the weekend. Not a good one budget wise, but thoroughly enjoyable. Yesterday things went back to normal. Breakfast, gym, then back downtown to find those specific things we actually NEEDED. Lunch in George Square in the sun and then a catch up session on the email (I shouldn’t be behind anymore – if you are still waiting for a reply, please resend because I think I am now up-to-date!).

Michelle is in Birmingham today. She has left already which is why I’m up at this ridiculous time of the morning… I’m going to get some more chores done and then start preparing for the upcoming weekend in the Peak District. I’m hearing wedding bells…..

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