September 16, 2009

A little trip to Sydney

You really don’t know what your missing. You really should take the opportunity to come and visit us while we’re here. It will go extremely quickly three years in Australia. Very very quickly, and by the time most of you wake up and decide to come, or finally get your head around the travelling distance and expense we’ll be packed up and gone… and it really will be a terrible shame.

It’s not because I’m Australian that I think like this. Truly. This really is an amazing country. We seem to have the best of both worlds. A new country, with fresh faced young, happy cheerful people EAGER to make things work and a love of all things old and proven. We are big on sport, and environmental issues, we have an amazing gourmet industry, we’re making our own everything, and we’re proud of it, of all our produce that’s winning prizes around the world and of our innovations in food and wine and design and fashion. There’s just no stopping us.

It makes me very proud. Sure, it’s not Europe, nor is it New York, but it’s a vibrant mix of it all, with our own straightforwardness, friendliness and genuineness that permeates everything we do.

And then, there’s the weather, and the harbour, and the outback, and the beaches, and the bush, and the boats and the multi-culturism. Should I go on?

Our first visitor arrives on Dec 24th, please don’t miss out. I think you might regret it.

filles at 10:09 pm

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